2008 Predator World 14.1 Straight Pool Round Robin Tournament Brackets

The official group pairings for the 2008 Predator World Straight Pool Championship. The round robin stage will be held Aug 25-27, with the field narrowed to 32 in the double elimination stage races to 150 on Aug 28, and the last sixteen playing race to 200 points on Aug 29-30. There may be last minute changes and substitutions in the schedule and the event if a player is not able to attend.
Time Table for Monday - Wednesday Round Robin  
  Group 1 Group 2
Mon 9:00am Maropolous vs. Burows Cataldi vs. Cornia
Mon 10:30am Pettipiece vs. Chamberlain Chavez vs. Gottier
Mon 12:00pm Cha vs. Dechaine Fulcher vs. Williams
Mon 1:30pm Ortmann vs. Hopkins Hohmann vs. Sigel
Mon 3:00pm Dechaine vs. Maropolous Williams vs. Cataldi
Mon 5:30pm Hopkins vs. Pettipiece Fulcher vs. Cornia
Mon 7:00pm Ortmann vs. Chamberlain Sigel vs. Chavez
Mon 8:30pm Cha vs. Burows Hohmann vs. Gottier
Mon 10:00pm Ortmann vs. Cha Hohmann vs. Fulcher
Mon 11:30pm Pettipiece vs. Maropolous Chavez vs. Cataldi
Tues 9:30am Chamberlain vs. Burows Gottier vs. Cornia
Tues 11:00am Hopkins vs. Dechaine Sigel vs. Williams
Tues 12:30pm Ortmann vs. Maropolous Hohmann vs. Cataldi
Tues 2:00pm Hopkins vs. Burows Sigel vs. Cornia
Tues 3:30pm Cha vs. Chamberlain Fulcher vs. Gottier
Tues 6:00pm Dechaine vs. Pettipiece Williams vs. Chavez
Tues 7:30pm Ortmann vs. Dechaine Hohmann vs. Williams
Tues 9:00pm Hopkins vs. Cha Sigel vs. Fulcher
Tues 10:30pm Pettipiece vs. Burows Chavez vs. Cornia
Wed 9:30am Chamberlain vs. Maropolous Gottier vs. Cataldi
Wed 11:00am Cha vs. Pettipiece Fulcher vs. Chavez
Wed 12:30am Dechaine vs. Chamberlain Williams vs. Gottier
Wed 2:00pm Ortmann vs. Burows Hohmann vs. Cornia
Wed 3:30pm Hopkins vs. Maropolous Sigel vs. Cataldi
Wed 6:00pm Ortmann vs. Pettipiece Hohmann vs. Chavez
Wed 7:30pm Hopkins vs. Chamberlain Sigel vs. Gottier
Wed 9:00pm Cha vs. Maropolous Fulcher vs. Cataldi
Wed 10:30pm Dechaine vs. Burows Williams vs. Cornia
Time Table for Monday - Wednesday Round Robin  
  Group 3 Group 4
Mon 9:00am Heidrich vs. Daya Snodgrass vs. Cohen
Mon 10:30am Jentsch vs. Wilkie Barouty vs. Hofstatter
Mon 12:00pm Vidal vs. Rousseau Maidhof vs. Lynch
Mon 1:30pm See vs. Schmidt Harriman vs. Feijen
Mon 3:00pm Wilkie vs. Heidrich Hofstatter vs. Snodgrass
Mon 5:30pm See vs. Rousseau Feijen vs. Maidhof
Mon 7:00pm Schmidt vs. Vidal Barouty vs. Cohen
Mon 8:30pm Jentsch vs. Daya Harriman vs. Lynch
Mon 10:00pm See vs. Jentsch Harriman vs. Barouty
Mon 11:30pm Vidal vs. Heidrich Maidhof vs. Snodgrass
Tues 9:30am Rousseau vs. Daya Lynch vs. Cohen
Tues 11:00am Schmidt vs. Wilkie Feijen vs. Hofstatter
Tues 12:30pm See vs. Heidrich Harriman vs. Snodgrass
Tues 2:00pm Schmidt vs. Daya Feijen vs. Cohen
Tues 3:30pm Jentsch vs. Rousseau Barouty vs. Lynch
Tues 6:00pm Wilkie vs. Vidal Hofstatter vs. Maidhof
Tues 7:30pm See vs. Wilkie Harriman vs. Hofstatter
Tues 9:00pm Schmidt vs. Jentsch Feijen vs. Barouty
Tues 10:30pm Vidal vs. Daya Maidhof vs. Cohen
Wed 9:30am Rousseau vs. Heidrich Lynch vs. Snodgrass
Wed 11:00am Jentsch vs. Vidal Barouty vs. Maidhof
Wed 12:30am Wilkie vs. Rousseau Hofstatter vs. Lynch
Wed 2:00pm See vs. Daya Harriman vs. Cohen
Wed 3:30pm Schmidt vs. Heidrich Feijen vs. Snodgrass
Wed 6:00pm See vs. Vidal Harriman vs. Maidhof
Wed 7:30pm Schmidt vs. Rousseau Feijen vs. Lynch
Wed 9:00pm Jentsch vs. Heidrich Barouty vs. Snodgrass
Wed 10:30pm Wilkie vs. Daya Hofstatter vs. Cohen
Time Table for Monday- Wednesday Round Robin  
  Group 5 Group 6
Mon 9:00am Lombardo vs. Smith Parisian vs. Herring
Mon 10:30am Facquet vs. Wallace Staab vs. Ford
Mon 12:00pm Robles vs. Bustamante Deuel vs. Van Denberg
Mon 1:30pm Kempter vs. Souquet Engert vs. Hundal
Mon 3:00pm Bustamante vs. Lombardo Van Denberg vs. Parisian
Mon 5:30pm Kempter vs. Wallace Hundal vs. Staab
Mon 7:00pm Robles vs. Smith Engert vs. Ford
Mon 8:30pm Souquet vs. Facquet Deuel vs. Herring
Mon 10:00pm Kempter vs. Robles Engert vs. Deuel
Mon 11:30pm Facquet vs. Bustamante Staab vs. Parisian
Tues 9:30am Wallace vs. Lombardo Ford vs. Herring
Tues 11:00am Souquet vs. Smith Hundal vs. Van Denberg
Tues 12:30pm Kempter vs. Lombardo Engert vs. Parisian
Tues 2:00pm Souquet vs. Smith Hundal vs. Herring
Tues 3:30pm Robles vs. Wallace Deuel vs. Ford
Tues 6:00pm Bustamante vs. Facquet Van Denberg vs. Staab
Tues 7:30pm Kempter vs. Bustamante Engert vs. Van Denberg
Tues 9:00pm Souquet vs. Robles Hundal vs. Deuel
Tues 10:30pm Facquet vs. Smith Staab vs. Herring
Wed 9:30am Wallace vs. Lombardo Ford vs. Parisian
Wed 11:00am Robles vs. Facquet Deuel vs. Staab
Wed 12:30am Bustamante vs. Wallace Van Denberg vs. Ford
Wed 2:00pm Kempter vs. Smith Engert vs. Herring
Wed 3:30pm Souquet vs. Lombardo Hundal vs. Parisian
Wed 6:00pm Kempter vs. Facquet Engert vs. Staab
Wed 7:30pm Souquet vs. Wallace Hundal vs. Ford
Wed 9:00pm Robles vs. Lombardo Deuel vs. Parisian
Wed 10:30pm Bustamante vs. Smith Van Denberg vs. Herring
Time Table for Monday- Wednesday Round Robin  
  Group 7 Group 8
Mon 9:00am Yednak vs. Cozzolino Lipsky vs. Lillis
Mon 10:30am Deska vs. Ritter Babica vs. Rolon
Mon 12:00pm Stepanov vs. Davis Coker vs. Hakim
Mon 1:30pm Immonen vs. Hunter Archer vs. Ouschan
Mon 3:00pm Immonen vs. Ritter Archer vs. Hakim
Mon 5:30pm Hunter vs. Deska Ouschan vs. Coker
Mon 7:00pm Davis vs. Yednak Rolon vs. Lipsky
Mon 8:30pm Stepanov vs. Cozzolino Babica vs. Lillis
Mon 10:00pm Immonen vs. Stepanov Archer vs. Babica
Mon 11:30pm Deska vs. Yednak Coker vs. Lipsky
Tues 9:30am Ritter vs. Cozzolino Hakim vs. Lillis
Tues 11:00am Hunter vs. Davis Ouschan vs. Rolon
Tues 12:30pm Immonen vs. Yednak Archer vs. Lipsky
Tues 2:00pm Hunter vs. Cozzolino Ouschan vs. Lillis
Tues 3:30pm Stepanov vs. Ritter Babica vs. Hakim
Tues 6:00pm Davis vs. Deska Rolon vs. Coker
Tues 7:30pm Immonen vs. Davis Archer vs. Rolon
Tues 9:00pm Hunter vs. Stepanov Ouschan vs. Babica
Tues 10:30pm Deska vs. Cozzolino Coker vs. Lillis
Wed 9:30am Ritter vs. Yednak Hakim vs. Lipsky
Wed 11:00am Stepanov vs. Deska Babica vs. Coker
Wed 12:30am Davis vs. Ritter Rolon vs. Hakim
Wed 2:00pm Immonen vs. Cozzolino Archer vs. Lillis
Wed 3:30pm Hunter vs. Yednak Ouschan vs. Lipsky
Wed 6:00pm Immonen vs. Deska Archer vs. Coker
Wed 7:30pm Hunter vs. Ritter Ouschan vs. Hakim
Wed 9:00pm Stepanov vs. Yednak Babica vs. Lipsky
Wed 10:30pm Davis vs. Cozzolino Rolon vs. Lillis

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