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  • Game Plays: 7417926
  • Categories: 22
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Name: Super Race Car
Description: Super Race Car, digital car design. Play this 6 scenes jigsaw puzzle games of the Super Race Car. Level up, difficulty increase. Drag and drop the pieces to their right place within the giving time!

Category: Driving
Number of Times Played: 34921

Super Race Car

Name: Furious Cars
Description: Drive your racing car as fast as possible and try to reach the first place to unlock the other levels. compete against other cars, Some of your opponents are bad and they will try to stop you. Good Luck!

Category: Driving
Number of Times Played: 7471

Furious Cars

Name: Slide Racing
Description: Race as Almond in the wildest car game ever. Your father has been murdered and you make team with his beautiful mechanic to discover who did it. Win races to unlock new tracks and new leagues, for better cars, the love of your life, and the answer to who killed your father!

Category: Driving
Number of Times Played: 2106

Slide Racing

Name: Endless Tour
Description: Forever Tours is offering the Endless Tour Challenge. They're offering free bus tours to anyone that wants one. The problem is, the tours never end and there is no way off. Your job is to drive the tour bus and keep it going as long as possible. Show the tourists the sights and make sure to refuel the bus every once and a while. If the bus runs out of fuel, the tourists will try to flee and break Forever Tours' Eternity Guarantee.

Category: Driving
Number of Times Played: 2494

Endless Tour

Name: Trial Bike Pro
Description: Ride over junkyard cars and try to reach the end of the each level.

Category: Driving
Number of Times Played: 89843

Trial Bike Pro

Name: Mountain Rider
Description: Now its time to show some BMX Bike skills. Perform some backflips and collect points and bonuses as much as you can to make an high score. so lets see what you got...

Category: Driving
Number of Times Played: 5475

Mountain Rider

Name: Monster Rider
Description: driving,motorcycle,monster-truck

Category: Driving
Number of Times Played: 44083

Monster Rider

Name: Tiger Woods Car Crash
Description: Tiger Woods and his wife, Elin Nordegren, are fighting. Tiger drives the car away. Elin follows his car and drop the golf to the car. You need to help Tiger to escape from the scene.

Category: Driving
Number of Times Played: 3498

Tiger Woods Ca

Name: Christmas Rally Racer
Description: Race your car round a Christmas themed track and try and get the best possible time

Category: Driving
Number of Times Played: 2729

Christmas Rall

Name: Christmas Invasion
Description: This year, Santa and his trusty reindeer Rudolph have a bunch of problems on their hands. It's Christmas night and Santa has to deliver all the presents, but the aliens decided that children should not receive their presents this year and tried attacking Santa and keeping him from getting the presents to the children. Now, he has too get as many of the presents back as he can.

Category: Driving
Number of Times Played: 4401

Christmas Inva

Name: Maze Parking
Description: driving,car,maze,parking

Category: Driving
Number of Times Played: 6897

Maze Parking

Name: Canyon Ryders
Description: A dirt bike racing game set in the remote desert canyons. Traverse rock inclines and cross the treacherous rope bridges spanning across the rocky clefts. Challenge your friends via email to go one-on-one against your best recorded session, all in real-time! Race online against other live players in an exclusive version on http://www.xgenstudios.com! Pop a wheelie and kick it into high gear, it's time to motor!

Category: Driving
Number of Times Played: 6044

Canyon Ryders

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