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Take a step in the right direction and make a difference today!

Room owners and venue locations can improve their traffic by signing up with GOPLAYPOOL.COM allowing pool players to search, find and go play pool with a couple of clicks right from their cell phones. That is a huge advantage for any pool room looking to increase business.


In addition to Go Play Pool and their fantastic app helping to drive traffic to your business, you can now add a Roku player to your location and bring even more traffic! See how it works below!


The Billiards Channel is powered by Inside Pool TV and currently plays on Roku! Rooms benefit by adding a Roku player to their location which brings business to their location to see matches with pros and amateurs. They will also see tips, tricks and so much more on The Billiards Channel.


The Billiards Channel has no monthly subscription fee and the only cost for the channel is the purchase of the Roku player. Inside Pool TV will give all current and future customers of Go Play Pool 20% off of their purchase of a Roku Player for being a Go Play Pool customer.


You can also add a 30 to 60 second commercial of your venue to The Billiards Channel and you will receive the first month free and then pay just $19.95 per month for advertisement on The Billiards Channel. This is a huge discount and it’s yours for being a Go Play Pool member!


Advertisement on The Billiard Channel is billed monthly via credit card starting after your first 30 days. If you need special arrangements, you can contact us at this number 951-757-4895 or via email at


You can choose to take both the advertisement and the Roku Player or you can choose to take just the advertisement or the 20% off on the Roku player. Roku players are $49.95 before tax and shipping! Once tax and shipping is added $4.00 for tax and $10.00 for shipping. The player is $63.95 before the 20% off. Final cost of the player would be $51.16


Current and Future Go Play Pool Members who purchase a Roku Player and choose to advertise on the Billiards Channel will receive an additional month free for a total of 2 free months if they Order before March 1st 2016!

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