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October 2010 Inside POOL Magazine.  Get your eSubscription today!
October 2010 Inside POOL Magazine. Get your eSubscription today!

Inside POOL Magazine now offers an online Freemium and Premium Membership eSubscription version of our print magazine. The Premium online version offers 100% of the print version content (Freemium version is roughly 25%) with features like flipping pages, full screen videos of pool matches, printable magazines, zooming, improved viewing, and linkable pages. The current issue and past issues are available in our Premium Membership Area.

By subscribing to the Inside POOL Magazine eSubscription, you gain access to the Membership area for one full year, and our entire online catalog of past and present issues. Holding a pool tournament or billiard event and need tournament brackets? We have print-ready double and single elimination tournament brackets. We will also be making available hi-res images for fans of the game. Images will measure roughly 13 inches by 9 inches and will be printable from your home computer or at any retailer that offers printing services. Also be the first to see member-only video that’s direct from our video editors.

A Premium Membership to the Inside POOL Magazine eSubscription not only comes with tons of extras, but at over 80% off the cover price, it’s also extremely affordable. To gain access to the Premium Membership Area, purchase an eSubscription for only $9.99 USD per year. That’s less than 84 cents per month.

Different levels of premium membership exist, with full access to our premium content available as low as $1.99.

To create a free account, please create your free account here.

To create a Premium Membership account, please create your Premium account here.

After activating a Premium, Gold, Normal or Basic account, users will be able to access premium content via the “eSubs” tab will appear on the navigation bar above.

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