Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I subscribe to Inside POOL Magazine print edition?

Go to our online store or contact us at 1-888-428-7665.  For subscriptions, follow the directions from the attendant.

2.  How do I change my address?

Use our contact page and select “Change Address” from the pull down menu.

3.  How do we advertise with Inside POOL Magazine or InsidePOOLmag.com?

Use our contact page and select “Advertising Information” from the pull down menu.

4.  How can I tell if my subscription has expired?

The best way is to phone our office at 1-888-428-7665 and go to the Subscriptions Department or press 0 for the operator.

5. I have a print subscription and an online account. Do I still need to get an eSubscription to have access to the Premium Member Area?

Yes, the print subscription and the online account are separate from the eSubscription to the Premium Member Area.

6.  How do I get an eSubscription to the Premium Member Area?

Getting a one-year eSubscription is easy. Simply go to the eSubs page, enter your desired username and password and proceed to checkout via Paypal.

7. Where is the Premium Member Area located?

The Premium Member Area is located in the downloads area, here.

8.  What’s the difference between the Freemium online edition and the Premium online edition?

The amount of content.  The Premium online edition contains 100% of the print version along with added bonus features when available.

9.  What is available in the Premium Members Area?

First, there’s the Premium online edition library.  This library contains dozens of past issues as well as the current issue. Current issues may be made available even before the print version in some cases. The issues are available in printable PDF file formats, or the flash versions with flipping pages.  Both version contain videos of matches.  Also, we have created single and double elimination brackets for download and printing.  Other bonus material such as videos, hi-res images and other material will be made available.

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