Nat. Singles Championships Images
May 20, 2014 APA

8-Ball Classic Champions
Blue Tier

Dannielle Richardson of Stuart, Fla.

Yellow Tier

Tim Dittmar of Alvin, Ill.

Red Tier

Judy Johnston of San Antonio, Texas

Orange Tier

Barry O’ Sullivan of Garwood, N.J.

Purple Tier

Christopher Miller of Lafayette, La.

9-Ball Shootout Champions

Green Tier

Mackenzie Hoover, of Walkerton, Ind.

White Tier

Andrew Winans of Camarillo, Calif.

Black Tier

Gregory Harada of San Gabriel, Calif.

8-Ball Doubles Champions

Scotchoholics – Jason Lindsay and Lance Harmon

9-Ball Doubles Champions

What the Baby Gonna Do 1 – Michael Hill and William Hill

Wheelchair Challenge

Charlie Hans

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