Rick Rogers Receives Pool School in Paradise Award

Pool School in Paradise Hall of Fame Award Presentation

Pool School in Paradise is pleased to announce that Rick Rogers is the initial recipient of the Pool School in Paradise Hall of Fame Award.  This year the school will be held August 21-26, 2012 and will be hosted by Belltown Billiards in Seattle, WA. Pool School in Paradise will feature top professional instructors Tony Robles, Ralf Souquet, Mike Massey and Paul Potier.

Rick Rogers watching and listening intently while Hofstatter explains something important to him.

Rick Rogers watching and listening intently while Hofstatter explains something important to him.

Rick Rogers was a PSIP student a record 6 times. He was at our first class in Hawaii in 1997 and convinced us to do a second session. Because of Rick, Mike Massey, Allison Fisher, Gerda Hofstatter, and Paul Potier taught 13 Pool School in Paradise (PSIP) sessions between 1997 and 2007. Rick has confirmed that he would attend this year’s Pool School in Paradise (PSIP) 2012 in Seattle so we can present him with his award. It is PSIP’s version of a Hall of Fame award and we call it the “PSIP Life Time Family Member” award. Rick’s great personality and passion for pool helped us create a super atmosphere at every PSIP session he attended. I know that everyone that knew Rick from Pool School in Paradise would agree that he deserves this recognition and award.

To learn more about Pool School in Paradise (PSIP) or any other school offered by Ralf, Tony, Mike, or Paul please visit their web site at Pool School in Paradise or call Paul Potier at 604-803-8396.

Ralf Souquet

Mansing, Germany

Ralf2011 2012 Pool School in Paradise AnnouncedRalf started playing pool in his parents pub in 1974 when he was 6 years old. He practiced pool 5 hours every day for more than 8 years. At the age of 14, he won the German pupils 8-ball championships for the first time as well as the German Open. In 1985 he won his first European team title followed up by the first individual title in 1986. In 1989 he was elected European Player of the Year for the first time by the readers of the European Pocket Billiard News. Since 1981 he’s won more than 250 tournaments, including 41 German titles and 36 European titles. In 1996 he had one of his most successful years including 4 big wins. They were: The World 9 Ball Team Champions, The International Challenge of Champions 9 Ball Champion, the World Pool Masters 9 Ball Champion, and the World 9 Ball Champion.

In 1997, Ralf received the “Silver Laurel Leave”, the highest distinction for sportsmen in Germany, presented by the German President Roman Herzog, represented by the Minister of Domestic Affairs Manfred Kanther, in Bonn – Bad Godesberg Germany. Ralf Souquet is one of the most successful professional pool players of all time. He is sponsored by Simonis Cloth, Brunswick Tables, Kamui Tips and Chalk, Universal Cues, and Predator Products. Besides being a perfect gentleman and great ambassador of our great sport, Ralf’s solid fundamentals and knowledge of how to win will make him an invaluable asset to the PSIP team. You will find Ralf very approachable, extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and determined to help you become a better player.
For more information about Ralf visit his web site at www.souquet.de

Mike Massey

Park City Utah, USA

Mike 2012 Pool School in Paradise AnnouncedMike Massey, the “Tennessee Tarzan,” is widely considered to be the world’s best trick shot artist, earning himself a prestigious spot in the Billiard Congress of America’s Hall of Fame in 2005. The five-time ESPN trick shot Magic Champion has appeared in five movies and has performed trick shot exhibitions in more than 40 countries. Massey has won professional tournaments worldwide in a variety of formats, including trick shots, 8-ball, 9-ball and straight pool. He shares his skills and knowledge with others as an instructor and author, and was ranked 8th in Pool & Billiard Magazine’s “Fans’ Top 20 Favorite Players” in 2007. Having been voted best in the history of trick shots by Billiards Digest, Massey is largely recognized as the number one trick shot artist of all time. Massey is happily married and travels worldwide with his wife, Francine, and their three dogs.

Mike was a founding member of PSIP and has been an instructor at all 13 sessions since the first one in 1997 in Hawaii. Everyone is in awe and excited when Mike is showing anything on a pool table. His friendly personality, willingness to help others, and his mastery of all pocket billiard equipment makes Mike Massey a talent not to be missed.

Tony Robles

New York, USA

2002 World Pool Championships 2012 Pool School in Paradise AnnouncedTony Robles is the consummate professional. He is truly the Pocket Billiard World’s greatest ambassador on the Men’s Pro Tour. That isn’t what he would say, but it is what every professional on the globe would say about him. In fact he was 7 Time Tri State Player of the Year and 4 Time Predator Pro Tour Player of the Year.

He is not only well liked and very professional, Tony has won many professional tournaments, and has been a top ranked touring professional for over 20 years. You don’t get a nickname like the “Silent Assassin” without having a reputation for being a fierce competitor. His love and passion for the sport is not just about being a competitor. Tony is also an award winning Pool League Operator and Pro Am Tour Promoter/Operator. Yet, more important to us at Pool School in Paradise is that Tony is the most sought after instructor in the North Eastern States of America. His calm, pleasant demeanor, great knowledge, and passion to help his students has made Tony a truly great instructor.

The combination of fierce competitor, respected businessman, and great teacher is very difficult to find in any sport.

Paul Potier

Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Paul 2012 Pool School in Paradise AnnouncedPaul started playing Pocket Billiards at age 13 in Manitoba, Canada. His first passion was Snooker. In the mid 80’s his attention turned to 8-ball and then 9-ball, where he has been a force on the World Professional Tournament scene since 1991. Paul is the 1997 Canadian Professional Billiards Tour “Player of the Year” and finished the year ranked #1. He is the 1999 Dufferin Billiard’s Tour Canadian 9-Ball Champion and the 2000 Canadian Billiard’s and Snooker Association (CBSA) Canadian 9-Ball Champion. Throughout most of 2004 Paul was ranked #1 on The Pechaur Tour and finished the season ranked #2.

Although he is an outstanding player, Paul is actually better known for his teaching and consulting work. Since 1983 Paul has given hundreds of personal and group lessons. Paul has also helped several professionals, both men and women, in better developing their games.

In conjunction with Canada’s largest billiard product manufacturer, Paul was instrumental in assisting entrepreneurs open sixty billiard rooms between 1993 and 1996. His insight was also utilized as a consultant to over seventy billiard clubs in British Columbia and the rest of Canada. Paul was also “League Operator of the Year” in 1989 for the CPA, the Canadian version of the APA in the US.

A very entertaining and talented professional, Paul has performed hundreds of trick shot shows in Canada, Wales, Taiwan, Japan and the US. Somewhere, Paul Potier also finds time for golf, travel, cooking, and studying Japanese.

Anyone interested to attending or gaining more information about the Pool School in Paradise, please visit the Pool School in Paradise web site.

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