Billiards Legends Rise to the Occasion

76 Year Old Martin Shocks World Champion Ortmann
Sigel Runs Perfect 100

photos by Charles Eames

New Brunswick, New Jersey- Hollywood could not have scripted this any better. 76 year old retired pro pool player enters his first pro championship in over 20 years and plays against the reigning World Champion and is victorious. Today that is what exactly happened as Ray “Cool Cat” Martin gave Oliver Ortmann his very first loss at the 71st World Tournament of 14.1.

Fans packed the arena and the match was on the TV stream table. Ortmann had the lead at one point, but Martin kept the score close throughout the match. Both players engaged in several key safety exchanges, which seemed to throw the German champion off his rhythm. Martin won the bulk of these defensive exchanges using his fountain of old school knowledge.

Needing only a rack, Martin had a very difficult cut shot that would break the stack open. He made a terrific cut but the cueball got kissed into the corner as well. Ortmann could not end the set however, and Martin was given another chance. Needing less than a rack, he faced another deep cut shot as his break shot, and made an incredible backwards cut into the sid epocket and busted the rack open, but again the cue ball somehow found a pocket. Ortmann again could not wake up and erred once more and Martin ran out what he needed for the win. The audience rose to their feet in joy!

Ray Martin had fans on their feet when he upset reigning World Champion Oliver Ortmann of Germany.

“This is something we may never ever see again. What a way to remember Ray!”, said one player.

“It feels really good. I can’t play like I use to, but I’m happy I can still do it”, said Martin of his historic win.

Ortmann continued to have a bad day as he ran into a red hot Sigel next. Sigel talkative as always, managed to put together rack after rack. After many self oohs and ahhs, Sigel finished the match with a 100 ball run to shut Ortmann down 100-0. This is the first time anyone has shutdown Ortmann in the World Tournament. Sigel remains undefeated and looks to be prime for the top ranking for his group.

Today’s new lineup on the stream table include Rodney Morris vs Brandon Shuff, Steve Lipsky vs Mike Davis, Kunihiko Takahashi (JPN) vs Charlie Williams, Allen Hopkins vs Dennis Hatch, Jose Parica vs Mike Sigel, and Zion Zvi vs Hatch. The match will be live streamed on Inside POOL TV.

Checkout for full group results and other 14.1 news from the event.

Wednesday Live Streaming Schedule

11:30 – Mike Davis vs Steve Lipsky
1:00 – Charlie Williams vs Kunihiko Takahashi
2:30 – Allen Hopkins vs Dennis Hatch
5:00 – Hall of Fame Banquet (free stream at
7:30 – Mike Sigel vs Jose Parica
9:00 – Zion Zvi v Dennis Hatch

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The 2011 World Tournament is proudly co-sponsored by Predator Cues, Olhausen Tables, Amsterdam Billiards, Andy Cloth, Aramith Balls, Kamui, Pool & Billiard Magazine, Sandcastle Billiards and straight pool aficionados Bill Austin of UT, Dr.Louis Pannullo, Ralph Rubin of MD. Co-contributors Dennis Walsh, Dr.James Heller, Charles Eames, Mark Snodgrass, and Bill Marapolous. For more information on player registration, sponsorship, or if you would like to submit a comment, please email or contact Dragon Promotions at 1-407-782-4978.

For the sixth straight year, Dragon Promotions will produce the 71st Annual World Tournament of Straight Pool August 28- September 2 . In partnership with the support of Dr.Michael Fedak, this year’s event will have the biggest payout in straight pool history with $20,000 going to the champion. The event is $35,000 added , boasting a total $70,000 in the prize fund. Predator Cues will also be sponsoring the event for the sixth straight year at the luxurious Hyatt Regency in New Brunswick, NJ. Once again the greatest straight pool players from around the world will arrive on USA’s east coast again to attend this prestigious event. Their common goal will be to play for the coveted World Tournament of 14.1 title and be recognized as the #1 Straight Pool Player on Earth. The World Tournament is the oldest tournament in history that still exists today. Invented by Jerome Keough and shortly after recognized as the official game of billiards. The first World 14.1 Tournament was held in 1911 and won by Alfredo DeOro. In its history due to war and economics, the World Championships had 29 tournaments that did not take place including a 15 year gap between 1990-2005 until Dragon Promotions revived the game and the World Tournament in 2006.

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