Xiaoting Pan Wins GeneratonPool.com

Billiard superstar Xiaoting Pan Wins GeneratonPool.com and speaks with Inside POOL Magazine. See more at www.InsidePOOLmag.com

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  1. kiwiriver says:


  2. esteng4 says:

    shes my crush!

  3. BlackjackDSapolis says:

    ok, Samm… what the hell was so funny? lol

  4. whitelamer says:

    hmmmm she is yummy

  5. coldwater02 says:

    I guess she can understand english but isn’t comfortable speaking it cuz the girl didn’t translate the questions for her

  6. moerollins31 says:

    yeah ..it’s a little weird that she answered questions without them being translated but didn’t speak any english …but it doesn’t matter because she is still beautiful

  7. wangsishuo says:

    she prepared all these questions before the interview..the translator helps her alot. they’ve been good friends off the arena. glad she’s from my province

  8. realfreakaynaughtay says:

    she’s cute

  9. ybdiffrent says:

    Very dedicated player. And she is quite beautiful. We enjoy watching her play. And, from what I understand, she has learned how to reply in english as well. Cheers, Xiaoting. Best to you.

  10. s1llyvi3tb0i says:

    she’s a nice and elegant player, it’s always nice to watch her play. She is more calm comparing to Jannette Lee and Alison Fisher

  11. cypresspuz says:

    OMG Xiaoting is smoking!

  12. RuberCaceres says:

    Xiaoting Pan es un amor !

  13. Antikaku99 says:

    i luv her dimples,maybe the cutest female billiard player ever!

  14. 1102071 says:

    chinese power!

  15. zzzthaoster says:

    it’s awesome to see a change in sports, beautiful women being so good at it.

  16. ProdigyKimXP says:

    Wow this video was 4 minutes and all I did was stare at her boobs

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