Michaela Tabb and Rachael Abbink

Michaela Tabb and Rachael Abbink at the Mosconi Cup in Las Vegas. See more videos, images and downloads at www.InsidePOOLmag.com

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  1. timmybilliards says:

    Rachael and Michaela are sexy women.

  2. xedvux says:

    Tabb is very sexy and has a sexy voice.

  3. billiardsgirl84 says:

    Michaela Tabb and Rachael Abbink are both sexy women that play pool. I like Michaela’s voice too.

  4. poolgirl85 says:

    they’re both so beautiful. I’m jealous. Do they play pool?

  5. jan1476tmkalawst says:

    michaela tabb the break, leads django bustamante 10-0

  6. opencurtin says:

    I like they way they talk about balls a lot !

  7. converse91970 says:

    She is a credit to the games of pool and snooker.

  8. yanniske69 says:

    Michaela Tabb is sexy and has a sexy voice.

  9. bigbad1000do7a says:

    Beautiful women.

  10. sverio12345 says:

    I have no complains about Michaela Tabb.

  11. hearts76100 says:


    She is Scottish……..She is from Dundee!!!!

  12. hearts76100 says:



  13. Odhinn222 says:

    I am so in love with Michaela.

  14. MrFranco247 says:

    she,s a little liar.good at pool and snooker.dont bet her you have been warned..

  15. DontVoteCameron says:

    Jaw drops, heart pounds and a wee dram to cool it all down. Just like in the early days of Disney…

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