Marlon Manalo vs. Rodney Morris

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  1. infinitepandas says:

    hehe lovely interviews, good job, keep it up.

  2. tsupakagotin69 says:

    Efren Reyes is my idol to……….

  3. Gahara08 says:

    who won??

  4. nibols23 says:

    Efren Reyes is every one’s idol

  5. nibols23 says:

    dang they i feel bad they stole his cues on the plane jackasses.people are just stupid just to make money

  6. nongskyDgreat says:

    thanks po

  7. jannboy326 says:

    my idols are fil- reyes usa- ima have to strickland taiwan- ching sun yang

  8. pepamethodman says:

    Exactly like me 😀 😀 😀 : D Those are my top 3 players 😀

  9. MirageBistro says:

    I can’t believe Rodney has fallen this far behind.

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