Kelly Fisher What’s in the Case?

Kelly Fisher What’s in the Case? See her Kwikfire pool cues, tip tools, and assorted accessories. See more at

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  1. billiardsgirl84 says:

    Kwikfire cues look pretty good. This might be a cue for me to try out. I’ll keep you posted.

  2. jonybiker90 says:

    i want her to be my girlfriend jajaja

  3. lefty8441 says:

    kwikfire cues are made by carolina custom cues i believe. so you know the quality is top notch.

  4. jburkhammer says:

    ok, at 1:28, does she say the “butt plug” comes out?? lol

  5. Deathugee says:

    haha! well if there’s not enough space in the case where else are you gonna put it?

  6. theverb78 says:

    hahahaha…thats hilarious

  7. Bidon45 says:

    I love women that play pool! lol. Kelly Fisher is sexy~

  8. l0l0yd says:

    wow, she’s sentimental and she keeps religious charms and yet she has got that punk look – what a contrast. a true champion nonetheless. however, what is val’s stuff doing in her case?

  9. BrianMichaelEvans says:

    Hahahahahahahahahah oh man of all the years ive been playing pool and recognizing sexual inuendoes I have NEVER caught that one.

    Thats quality comedy right there.

  10. ottvalley says:

    Kelly’s kinda hot

  11. MrBeachyspuds says:

    wow she really did call it a butt plug,how can you not chuckle at that,lol.

  12. destrukktt says:

    Lol what a wierd woman. LOL Like what she calls the cue extension. EWW

  13. lilrog0909 says:

    how does she play with those puppies

  14. badwire1 says:

    Gotta love the troll! Reminds me of “The Breakfast Club” when Ally Sheedy dumps her purse out!

  15. Adodzer says:

    огромные сиськи

  16. poolplayer2093 says:

    i think val is her girlfriend. word is she’s batting for the other team

  17. punkrutherford says:

    hahahahahaha she said butt plug XD

  18. punkrutherford says:

    omg i love the accent ♥ :3

  19. ucantstopmeee says:

    @jburkhammer “the butt plug comes out and it screws in there” 😀 lmao

  20. Bustamantefan says:

    I got to meet Kelly a few weeks ago and you couldn’t ask for a nicest player very down to earth .

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