Shawn Putnam What’s in the Case?

Shawn Putnam shows Vanessa de la Cuetara what’s in his case. See more at

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  1. vafangulu3x says:


  2. hitman89141 says:

    this guy sounds like he could also be walking around selling vacuum cleaners

  3. basid21 says:

    I thought it was a very informative and intersting video…..I’m sure he’d destroy you in any pool game no matter what he sounds like.

  4. barboot1 says:

    Shawn is a class act and a good friend of mine. One of the nicest guys ya could ever meet and a jam up player!

  5. victory01 says:

    sweet deal. how much do one of those cases run for?

  6. cfcues says:

    Too bad they didn’t cover everything. I was curious about the bridge he has.

  7. cfcues says:

    She didn’t cover everything he had. I wanted to know about the bridge he has.

  8. perspicaz says:

    The bridge is Tiger’s leather “corona” bridge. I have one and it is better than the plastic ones because it doesn’t scratch your shaft.

  9. cfcues says:


  10. BLEEZIE315 says:

    I can remember playing with Shawn at the Cue Club in Youngstown back in the early 90’s and he is one Cool Cat! Great Going Shawn , keep it up!

  11. ahmednabil777 says:

    what brand scuffer he use

  12. TeenyTiny945 says:


  13. poolplayer2093 says:

    way to emphasize that you’re only using the cue because of a contract!

  14. stoolman44 says:

    Used to play Valley League against him at the Budapest in Austintown

  15. mikelocal64 says:

    Bubba…did you steal any of that stuff from me?????

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