Marcus Chamat What’s in the Case?

Marcus Chamat What’s in the Case? See more at http;//

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  1. de23Emil says:

    keep posting!

  2. deliberately says:

    easily my favorite podcast series.

    Thanks Samm

  3. ivanbelmonte says:


  4. swedenfarang says:

    Haha…Krukan du e för skon!!!!!

  5. 9ballpimp says:

    His shirt matches his cue!

  6. 9ballpimp says:

    4:50 chit chalk lol

  7. deese8899 says:

    lol…chit chalk? hes the only dude in the world that doesnt think master chalk is the second best chalk in the world..anything is better then silver cup!! get sum blue diamond i know u can afford it marcus!!!!!!

  8. blueiseverything says:

    this guy is funny.

  9. DKJackass says:

    yes man diamond is the best chalk …. but i also agree with marcus i like the silver cup more than masters but its my personal meaning … anyway buy diamond chalk its simply the best because you have no misscues with it.

  10. mastercrap says:

    did he call masters shit chalk?? LOL

  11. theknockin says:

    lolllllll “shitsss ehhh chalk…”

  12. phixxwutwut says:

    shit chalk, right on dude this guy rocks.

  13. poolplayer2093 says:

    it’s always strange to me that most pros know very little about their equipment. it looks like he didn’t even take the price tags off the cues joint protectors

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