Frankie Hernandez v Shane Van Boening at the Super Billiards Expo

Frankie Hernandez v Shane Van Boening at the Super Billiards Expo

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  1. doilyfilm says:

    i dont understand what happened at about 5:25. hernandez made the 1 in the corner, trying to play safe, but it looked like shane got up and shot next.

  2. phantomudd says:

    @doilyfilm They are playing call ball, call pocket. Hernandez did not call the one in the corner so Shane had the option to take the shot or give it back to Hernandez… he decided to take the shot.

  3. doilyfilm says:

    @phantomudd oh, i c.

  4. parksat07 says:

    at 21:40 he finishes off one toughhhh rack

  5. miscforum says:

    what does shane put on the cueball at 34:24?

  6. parksat07 says:

    @miscforum top right

  7. phixxwutwut says:

    @miscforum isnt that just top with a touch of right?

  8. pigdisposal says:

    @phixxwutwut I think just a smidge of top right but he put a real good fallow through on it so the english would take. you can aim like your gonna put an ass load of top but the cue ball wont keep any english on it, because you didnt stroke the ball. Simple physics i learned a couple months after i started pool.

  9. pigdisposal says:

    25:20 jump double kiss safe. he might have even been trying for it.

  10. zzsilzz says:

    @miscforum 1 o` clock

  11. 99tgavin says:

    Frankie, you suck! go back to driving buses.

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