Corey Deuel v Dennis Hatch at the Super Billiards Expo

Corey Deuel v Dennis Hatch at the Super Billiards Expo

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  1. supermat18 says:

    The intro is so catchy…

  2. jl61046 says:

    All this girl does is repeat what Fingers is saying and finish his sentences…lol. She doesn’t seem to have very many original thoughts.

  3. strongemuppe says:

    he definetly hit the 8 first at 1:28:00

  4. iownthe412 says:


    He def. didn’t hit the 8 first! I was sitting right in front of this table watching this match!

  5. strongemuppe says:

    But how come the 8 goes in the side pocket? isn’t that impossible if he hits the 1 first? and the 1 seems like an angle shot, but he makes the white stop after the hit, very strange too…

  6. prinzdubs says:

    8 first, no doubt.
    the cueball couldn’t move like it did after contacting the 8 if it had come off the 1 first (its momentum would be taking it in the opposite direction). commentator caught it right away–he knows how the balls move.
    @iownthe412: this view is way better than sitting in front of the tbl (as awesome as that is). either way physics doesn’t lie, Qball’s momentum suggests it was heading towards the 1 (8 first) rather than away from it.

  7. dakotaluvserin says:

    Even though the action on the cue ball shows that the 8 was contacted first doesn’t matter because if there was no judge at the table or if the judge didn’t say it was a foul then the shot will favor the shooter. I believe it was a foul that’s why they should use slow motion cameras just like in football.

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