Sarah Rousey What’s in the Case

Sarah Rousey What’s in the Case with Samm Diep at the Derby City Classic. See more videos, free downloads and games at

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  1. ducky811 says:

    One of my favorite female players. She is definitely a tough player and a beauty. I look forward to meeting her someday.

  2. jeansl10 says:

    O RLY?

  3. menace180 says:

    I’m a big fun and an avid player. She’s an inspiration to all diabetics like myself.

  4. ducky811 says:

    Absolutely. Do you know her? She just seems like just a sweetheart. Would love to hit some balls with her.

  5. jeansl10 says:

    lol that comment is just so awkward

  6. ducky811 says:

    I mean that I play alot of pool. I would love to play a match with her. Nothing more. I am not physically attracted to her. She’s pretty but that all I mean.

  7. jeansl10 says:

    lol wasnt sure

  8. supra7752 says:

    i was table side watching her play in texas last month and lemme tell you what. she is no doubt an awesome player.

  9. sefu37 says:

    my buddy played her 4 $ years ago. i think he was getting a spot but he lost

  10. sr9ball says:

    Thanks for the kind words. Be sure to say hello if you get the chance. I’m more than happy to meet new people. Sarah Rousey

  11. tubbies76 says:

    I was in Vegas and played the qualifiers for the WPM. I had to play Sarah in the first round and won 7-2. See really can play pool 🙂

  12. TeenyTiny945 says:

    Never heard of her, but she sounds pretty cool and down to earth.

  13. BMWLDRider says:

    Jeeeeez….whats in her purse???

  14. omedrud says:

    i think she is hott and i would proly get my ass wooped im a 4 and 4 in apa and ya
    but loosing to her would be a plesure

  15. poolcueman502 says:

    shes cool people for sure really nice till shes on the table. lol

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