Niels Feijen What’s in the Case

Niels Feijen What’s in the Case with Samm Diep. See what pool cue Niels Feijen uses. See more at

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  1. volvopower1988 says:

    slow?? Have you ever seen Souquet?

  2. HashimHabobi says:


  3. trwylekat says:

    Yo Ralf takes for f#$king ever to shoot!

  4. joethepigg says:

    Yes, boring, and it breaks the opponent’s stride.

  5. armatold says:

    its kinda like a european tradition, exceptions being Tony Drago and some snooker backgrounded players, but over all europeans shoot very slow

  6. chuckmynorris says:

    Not really.. for example Mika Immonen is usually pretty fast at taking shots

  7. kntautsos says:

    Very interesting: notebook!
    Europeans are really professionals!

  8. takehiro0740 says:

    wow nice,, notebook
    his pro

  9. liljake0116 says:

    The camera man is a fucking idiot. lol

  10. aznelf13 says:

    yo no what they say, better safe than sorry

  11. LienLonger says:

    wow~who is that reporter girl???

    she’s soooooo fucking hot !!!

  12. poolplayer2093 says:

    @kntautsos yeah they get treated that way by their country too. country sponsorship from waht i hear

  13. poolplayer2093 says:

    anyone else notice he’s using a predator shaft!!?

  14. BMWLDRider says:

    Know whats in my case?
    A pool cue.

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