Mike Sigel vs Josh Brothers in Finals Maryland State 10-Ball Championships

Mike Sigel vs Josh Brothers in Finals Maryland State 10-Ball Championships being hosted by Champion Billiards and Sports Cafe in Frederick, MD on November 7, 2010. See more videos at www.InsidePOOLmag.com or live streaming at http

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  1. paulkielsmithdotcom says:

    sigel should shave his head . the hair on the side is not working for anyone anymore

  2. B16bitch says:

    right! sigel should shave his remaining hair. it adds up 10,000 goodlook points!!

  3. gwizzle1 says:

    great play Josh

  4. 123ralle says:

    i started watching the vid….my eyes went to the right side…i see another vid….it tells me who will win this match….maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan…sukks^^.
    thx for uploading this game. 😀

  5. asbani911 says:

    @123ralle why did you even bring that up? I wasn’t looking until I read your comment 🙁 you had to do it, don’t you? 😛

  6. balimoon06 says:

    Thassa helluva chicken wing.

  7. runarak says:

    Good video..

  8. hokibacsi1 says:

    Woow, this guy was obviously cheating
    He was shooting better than Earl in his good days

  9. musiclovr2 says:

    mike is a great player ! i learned a lot from his viedos, thanks mike

  10. onemorebrando says:

    Josh’s first winning rack is nothing short of spectacular. Love to see him tangle up with Engels.

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