Mika Immonen Wins Second Straight US Open 9-Ball

Mika Immonen Wins Second Straight US Open 9-Ball defeating Ralf Souquet, 13-10, in Chesapeake, VA on October 24, 2009. See more video at www.InsidePOOLmag.com

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  1. siralexify says:

    Watched it live! Awesome match, very exiting!

  2. theknockin says:

    Wow! Good job Mika!

  3. blueiseverything says:

    By the way this is his back-to-back US open championship.
    No one except Nick Varner has this

  4. vbwebsites says:

    Great Work InsidePool!

  5. drewfla says:

    MIKAAAAA! =D my favourite player. absolutely amazing player, phenomenally consistent and an amazing role model. I’d love to beat him one day haha =D

  6. chalaspelo says:

    mika querido : sos uno de los poolistas mas importantes de la era moderna . te felicito

  7. aznelf13 says:

    aw, nothing really against mika it’s just that im a souquet fan, but that’s cool, back to back, i think that’s a first in history?

  8. xhumbakalakataka says:

    bitch u dont deserve this game combo gay

  9. ONEpocketKID21 says:

    no actually Nick Varner….seen sitting right behind Scott Smith next to Johnny Archer and his wife did it in ’89 & ’90.

  10. FujiTakahara says:

    @ aznelf13

    Ya its a pretty big accomplishment for sure, hes only the second guy to do it since Varner won b2b in 89 & 90. 20 years is a long time in any sporting event for b2b champs. I guess us pool players are soo numerous that its quite hard to repeat as the Greats such as Mika and Varner have.

  11. michealsparrow says:

    oh ya really ? well you wont be saying that if you in Mika Immonen‘s place !!!

  12. UnFreggginReaL says:

    The Iceman

  13. Anonomousxxx says:

    it was more local than
    now it can be compared to world championship so well done mika

  14. michealsparrow says:


  15. 2020511 says:

    I never thought that anybody would break Nick Varner record!!! That goes to show that records are ment to be broken.

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