Mika Immonen v Warren Kiamco 10-Ball Finals of Galveston World Classic

Mika Immonen v Warren Kiamco 10-Ball Finals of Galveston World Classic – Captured Live on Ustream at www.ustream.tv

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  1. thecomo says:


    once a month? and ur good? lol……id pay for ticket down to canada to come play me

  2. thecomo says:

    @ebonypoolplaya why dont u use proper grammar before commenting fuckface

  3. mikep215 says:

    guess what suck my 3=====D everyone stop hating. lmfao hahahahahah. check this out though, I came up with a solution. why dont all yall put your money where your mouth is. give me the weight I want if yall claim yall that good and yall say I cant play. well put ur money where your mouth is. lmfao hahahahaha loosers. sooooo put a sock in it.

  4. ebonypoolplaya says:

    There’s nothing wrong with my grammar! and furthermore, if you are the Fuck Face who uploaded this! get your shit together! Fuck Face! Fuck you,Fuck you, Fuck you! Bitch!

  5. thecomo says:


    i didnt upload this

  6. ebonypoolplaya says:

    then why are you bothering me? I can’t help it that the quality was poor! There was no need for you to jump all over me!

  7. thecomo says:


    i don’t play ppl who say “yall” because your probably american and i don’t like that type of human

  8. mikep215 says:

    im not american, but you’ll be surprise what my nationality is. lmfao hahahahaha yall can suck me 3=====D

  9. MrKinghuman says:

    y dont u idiots just put up a video of urselves running a rack?????

  10. theknockin says:

    I think mikep215 has a problem with his own gayness. lollllllllllllllllllllllllllll why do you keep askin dudes to suck your dick you closet fag. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH! biatch! I think you secretly want to suck mika immonens cock. its ok buddy. dont fight your gayness. you’ll be ok

  11. plmijnygcrdzwaquyijo says:

    @mikep215 i’m bettin your mouth can talk shit ALOT better than your cue plays….

  12. mikep215 says:

    you are god damm sure skippy right about that faggot. hahahah lmao. you got a problem with that come and see me. lmfao hahahaha

  13. plmijnygcrdzwaquyijo says:

    @mikep215 I tell ya what you got a problem wit…thats laughin…u mite wanna go get that checked out….anyway thats all I got to say, I’M OUT!

  14. sateale89 says:

    @mikep215 I checked out your profile page. It kinda hints that you believe in astrology.

    I think I’ve said enough 😛

  15. mikep215 says:

    @plmijnygcrdzwaquyijo get off my cock. jump stay off and lay off. lmfao hahahahaha.

  16. plmijnygcrdzwaquyijo says:

    o fuck that was funny…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  17. plmijnygcrdzwaquyijo says:

    @mikep215 yup my first guess was right…there really is something fucking wrong with you

  18. BarryFrench says:

    I wish that there wasn’t like a 5 second delay on sound from video 🙁

  19. mikep215 says:

    @plmijnygcrdzwaquyijo guess what else is wrong with me. your mom wont leave me the hell alone. lol hahahaha lmfao.

  20. GetMeThere1 says:

    1) These commentators can predict the future!! 🙂
    2) The two players SUCKED. Looks like league night in the Yukon!
    3) It’s nice to see that players at this level can be as big dopes as the rest of us: getting frustrated with what you’re doing and watching your game fall to pieces because of it. This was some PATHETIC example of high-level tournament play! I’d rather listen to a lecture on quantum mechanics from Earl Strickland 😀

  21. Zach014789 says:

    Fast table. Really tight pockets! tough!

  22. nukm4 says:

    mikep15 don’t you mean 3=D?

  23. BartjeOstend says:

    @BarryFrench Oww I have the same prob ..

  24. nukm4 says:

    Guys, don’t be mean to mike, it’s not nice to mock the mentally deficient.

  25. DJDhananjayK says:

    The chics are smokin!

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