Francisco Bustamante v Shane Van Boening at Galveston World Classic 2

Francisco Bustamante v Shane Van Boening at Galveston World Classic – Captured Live on Ustream at

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  1. alkoholika says:

    did you see how francisco warms up? mhen i feel like quitting billiards, sooooo goooooddd!

  2. thekingofthe916 says:

    great match, needs better quality though!

  3. Kaimapoika says:

    Shane has some sexy brake

  4. iannie007 says:

    Django got Shane saying “you know” more than a few times lol. Must be contagious, you know.

  5. clayton1979 says:

    Jacksonville is a really stuff field. I can run 3 racks and I never got in the money except once. Everyone can run 2 or 3 racks at bankshot biliards so U gotta run out or lose.

  6. aboutdue1 says:

    Good match. You know. I really like these players. You know. Thanks for the vid….You know. 🙂

  7. colossusVRv6 says:

    whats her name?

  8. TeenyTiny945 says:

    he shouldn’t make you want to quit, but make you want to play better. He is an inspiration. Inspire to be an inspiration. Everyone started at zero. Its up to you to decide how far you go. Many people believe that success is something that is only for the successful but success is something that has to be yearned and earned. Never give up and never give in. Determination is better than talent, because talent is nothing without the determination. If your losing, your improving

  9. TeenyTiny945 says:

    I know…

  10. TeenyTiny945 says:

    your opponent can’t run out if their snookered 😉

  11. TeenyTiny945 says:

    makes me want to stroke my stick between my fingers when I warmup for my break

  12. TeenyTiny945 says:

    nope your wrong. 19.25 seconds

  13. Myrtle04 says:

    @TeenyTiny945 ……give or take. you didn’t let me finish. ha!

  14. xowreckageox says:

    @TeenyTiny945 lmao. okay DR. Phil

  15. TeenyTiny945 says:

    Even Dr. Phil had to strive to be someone. He has a show and makes much more money than you and I put together and than some. I’m willing to bet by your response your still very young. Its ok, you have to grow up sooner or later. Though likely later in your case.

  16. JayY1977 says:

    Bustamante Is one of my favorite players,if Shane can hang with him that gets respect from me.Bustamante likes that inside english whipin the ball around.. I like doing that as well.I havn’t hit balls in a few months now..but I suffer from depression a life sucks and I don’t have a clue what to do about it but oh well.. Im happy to just be alive and still in the game.As long as Im alive theres still a chance I’ll be happy one day.

  17. mc0tter says:

    @JayY1977 Shane is much better than Francisco

  18. 400timesmore says:

    Shane is better than Francisco… Really? I mean do you know ANYTHING about pool? Francisco is a muuuuuuuuuuuuuch better allrounder.

  19. cks119 says:

    @400timesmore Francisco may have an edge on Shane all-round, but muuuuuuuuch better? now thats just SILLY.

  20. 400timesmore says:

    Yeah if for you Pool = 10-/9-Ball then there’s not much of a difference between the two. Actually there isn’t much difference between all the pros: deuel, reyes, archer, souquet, bustamante, mika etc. .

    I’m sorry, I have to tell you that Pool is NOT 9- or 10-ball.

  21. zzzthaoster says:


    no way is shane better than fransico…fransico has better ball control and experience.

  22. JAGWAH66 says:

    @zzzthaoster Then, he should have the titles like Shane then. Until then, he’s not. Sorry.

  23. mcneil3284 says:

    @JAGWAH66 Bustamante has over 20 years of titles – he’s won over 30 national and international tournaments over 20 years of pool, including the Camel Tour, (whole tour = series of tournaments) several times. That’s just in N. America, if we counted all his titles in the Philippines over his lifetime, it would literally be close to 100. Shane has won about 7 big tourney’s as of now. The one time they gambled at the Derby City Classic, Buste came out winner for $5000. SVB still has a ways to go.

  24. JAGWAH66 says:

    @mcneil3284 That’s a nice resume and all, but yet, he’s still not in the top 5 of all time greats. *shrugs*

  25. mcneil3284 says:

    @JAGWAH66 Who’s list?? Is Shane on this list? Doubt it. Either way, you’re probably right. Buste is a great player, but not one of the all time greats. But he is a better and more accomplished player than Shane, as evidenced by his resume. Now to mention he’s almost 50 and he’s still snapping off major tournatments. We’ll see where Shane is at that age. For all we know, maybe SVB will turn out to be one of the greatest, but as of now, he still has a long road before he can be compared to Buste.

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