Derby City Classic 2010 Bank Pool Ring Game

Derby City Classic 2010 bank pool Ring Game – Bank Ring Game highlights. Shannon Daulton, Jet Johnson and Brian Gregg. See more at

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  1. harrymodo2 says:

    who is this guy? sorry , i know only shannon. can somebody tell me ? thx

  2. phantomudd says:

    The guy in the black shirt is Brian Gregg and the guy in the long sleeve, blue shirt is Jet Johnson from Chicago.

  3. xul99 says:

    Leaving the cue on the table at 1:05 is a foul where I come from.. 1:00+ so much drama till 1:40 .. but it ended up as a great shot though..

  4. Myrtle04 says:

    @xul99 a great shot that didn’t count becuz it hit the eight ball

  5. thumper9mm says:

    around 315 shannon calls 5 rails but he kicks you cant kick in bank pool

  6. greenManilishi says:

    @thumper9mm – many people play where you can score on three or more rail kicks

  7. IceCrusherchris says:

    As far as I know, it’s forbidden in Germany too

  8. LeonFleisherFan says:

    Can only assume there was a minimum rail-first (e.g. three or more) tournament rule (not necessarily official) to speed up games?

  9. mastercueartist says:

    xul its only a foul in bca rules

  10. mastercueartist says:

    and the rule on kickshots in bank pool is it must go a minimum of 3 rails before contact with the object ball

  11. RyanWatchesNaruto says:

    5:33 nice teeth 🙂 more than me

  12. mtb12211972 says:

    Where I come from a 3 or more rail kick is a bank !

  13. mastercueartist says:

    @xul99 thats only bca rules i believe

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