Day 4 Bank Pool Finals – Efren Reyes vs John Brumback

Derby City Classic 2010 Day 4 bank pool Finals – Efren Reyes vs John Brumback. Megan Black interviews John Brumback after his 3-0 beatdown of Efren Reyes in the finals of the Banks event. See more videos at Music courtesy of Monster Magnet and editing by Alvin Nelson.

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  1. Diasanti says:

    John Brumback is one laid back individual. Back to back wins and he acts like he just took a walk in a park.

  2. OPaivio says:

    I like how he says it like it is but without a hint of cockyness. Never got to see him play but he MUST be awesome.

  3. Mghockey7 says:

    A Chia-Pet is more interesting to interview than this dude. Wow.

  4. jtmoney606 says:

    this guy is amazing bank player to not fear efren and beat him like that he’s focused and he’s from my state ky country boy like me congrats john

  5. crazydude75927 says:

    Bold words from a man of few.

  6. geojones69 says:

    those kentucky boys can bank–he plays good 9ball too, alot of people dont realize that

  7. dynobotski says:

    john is a great bank pool player a legend… efren won the all around master of the table though his 5th time…

  8. narcolepsy1 says:

    so the guy is not boustful enough to say that he is not pressured competing againsta efren, Well all I can say is, Efren is all around pool game not just bang shots. And watch the graceful movement of efren. I would say this guy is just lucky….

  9. LeonFleisherFan says:

    So the guy is pretty sure of himself? And should he not be? Amazing achievement to win this back to back, congrats!

  10. reix25 says:

    of course he could defeat efren, this is bank pool, this is his game, moreover, efren’s skill has declined since his eye operation, I doubt it if he can match the magician 10 years ago, even at bank pool

  11. knightknight2000 says:

    his a fag like you

  12. heath884 says:

    @reix25 …ya your right let em play 9 ball or one pocket and you would see a total domination just like it is with the rest of the world!

  13. MiraPirate says:

    this guy needs a shot of adreneline

  14. 0lyella says:

    ugggh…its the same with any sport, you take someone out of their preferred ruleset and they dont perform as well and everyone goes “see? he sucks!” your all full of shyt.

  15. TheTrojanrazon says:

    Who is this guy??? broom broom back??? name is not familiar… i watched this only because EFREN is in it…

  16. boggs41076 says:

    @TheTrojanrazon He is probably the best bank pool player alive today. A hell of a one pocket and 9 baller also. Mention his name around anyone on the pool scene today they will tell you he’s a f’in monster in bank pool. You must be one of those guys who gets his pool knowledge from espn classic.

  17. aznelf13 says:

    wow he seemed mad senile in this interview

  18. pnoyrock76 says:

    he beat Efren Reyes?

  19. Daputaka says:

    He’s not happy with the win based on his interview. LOL

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