Danny Basavich v Mika Immonen at the Super Billiards Expo

Danny Basavich v Mika Immonen at the Super Billiards Expo

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  1. hassanoof says:

    thnx for the nice uploads, keep it up 🙂

  2. MrSandfoot says:

    Good to see Danny shooting again.Thanks for the upload.

  3. mapledumb says:

    hmm.mika played quite well.

  4. jl61046 says:

    That was some of the best shooting I have ever seen! Poor Danny hardly got out of his chair! lol.

  5. fukengruven99 says:

    copying van boenings break!

  6. johnnylawrence123456 says:

    the Kid got Iced !!!!!

  7. jimsimpala says:

    I seen Basavich play in china. Guy took like 5 minutes to shoot and was twitching the whole time then finally shoots and does a stop shot

  8. nNorthWestern says:

    danny is all talk:)

  9. lucabbbbb says:

    Mika Immonen is not from this planet.

  10. NAMTRIP says:

    @nNorthWestern Blubavich says hes so good,he cant get a money game anymore.

  11. NAMTRIP says:

    Blubavich is so bad,I cant believe he calls him self a pro,Its sad,His friends need to tell him its time to seek a life elsewhere,He cant break his own rack,and cant run 10 balls without ball in hand,whats with all the head and body language?Someone get him a valium,or 5,seems like hes so worried what he looks like playing,that he loses focus on the game.

  12. bigkillapimp says:

    A lot of people are talking mad shit about a guy Basavich, who has beat some of the greatest players in the world. Do your research and don’t think for a second he wouldn’t take your cash. Everybody loses sets sometimes. That’s just the way it goes. Basavich may look awkward,but this guy CAN play

  13. stouter2386 says:

    You think basavich cant play hah he would make you look like a 12yr old. ive seen him play in person the guys no joke. he put a 6 pack on a road player in detroit a few years ago had the guy scared out his fuckin mind and when he was done playing he stayed around and told stories from playing on the road, basavich is one hell of a nice guy. so fuck you haters

  14. malminmertsi says:

    @lucabbbbb You are right. He’s from Finland like myself

  15. nekhron09 says:

    I couldn’t even do 3:16 to 3:21..wtf lol

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