2009 Mosconi Cup Finals

2009 Mosconi Cup Finals – See more videos at www.InsidePOOLmag.com Music by Kevin MacLeod

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  1. 5ballcharlie says:

    dennis hatch is a beast

  2. theknockin says:

    lolllll hes great

  3. fastlenny69 says:

    They were knitting, what were they doing knitting?

  4. StillxxBoostin says:

    they should bring the cup at the Turning Stone casino Tournament this thursday.

  5. parksat07 says:


  6. gedgenil says:

    i have never seen such an emotion from a pool player such that of dennis hatch… this is what the pool world needs. a player who is out there to play, enjoy, with all the passion in his heart. it’s not about individual recognition. it is teamwork… it is heart

  7. Anonomousxxx says:

    what is the music?

  8. strophish says:

    USA!!!! USA!!!! USA!!!!!

  9. o0J4Y0o says:

    why are ppl knitting? ROFL

  10. poopdog007 says:

    LOL the guy between the 2 women knitting looks like he’s saying yea i know WTF…There’s nothing i can do about it to the camera lol

  11. leho141 says:

    Even greets from Europe, but where is Earl … I miss him???

  12. AiDaN2005 says:

    they should have pro tours in canada too..that why you dont see that much candian pool pro players…there is alot of can players that are able to be pros

  13. shaider77 says:

    Woohoo, go Kaiser.

  14. Orgasmorator says:

    @gedgenil yea he’s got emotion all right..but its not exactly the best kind. He’s just full of hillbilly pride and chanting “USA!!” whenever he makes a frickin shot. The guy looks like a complete douche and in my opinion disgraces the game. And why the hell does he flex at everyone?! Its stupid, and that monkey doesn’t belong anywhere near a pool table..he belongs in the WWE

  15. chloesimond says:

    i m agree with orgasmorator, even if you win you have to control yourself, if you don t for you do it for your opponent

  16. fastlenny69 says:

    @Orgasmorator He is a great player, he beat Appleton for the cash if you did not know. We need character in this game not some emotionless robots like you see on Team Europe, they are such a bore to watch play. He is from NY so he is no hillbilly and used to be a boxer too, at 19 he finished 2nd in the US Open Hill-Hill to Buddy Hall.

  17. dtouey says:

    A great and unique pool institution, but an exercise in nostalgia from the days when America had the best players in the world. Except for Van Boening, does the US still have any legitimate threats to win internationally? What kind of bragging rights do you earn if the Filipinos and Taiwanese aren’t involved?

  18. apofreez says:

    @fastlenny69 no doubt, they´re all great players… BUT he has no consistency!! Only the real great players have the skill to dominate the others…you named just one “big” win 😉 and ridicolus he lost the hill-hill, proofed he´s not THAT great… it would be interesting if Strickland would complain about the “monkey-behaviour” of Dennis Hatch…i´m sure he would kill him… on the Table 😉 Dennis in my opinion try to copy the Style of Morris… and its a complete FAIL!! total ridicolus…

  19. 2020511 says:

    We need to show emotions with the thigs we love. This
    makes us all humans!!!

  20. 2020511 says:

    @gedgenil I agree with u.emotions are what makes u human!!!!!

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