Yu Ram Cha v Allison Fisher Women’s 9-Ball Pro Finals Galveston World Classic

Yu Ram Cha v Allison Fisher Women’s 9-Ball Pro Finals Galveston World Classic – Captured Live on Ustream at www.ustream.tv

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  1. japmsn says:

    Where’s the rest? 🙁

  2. o0J4Y0o says:

    the host in the beginning looks famaliar… i think hes from Hardtime billiards in Sacramento, CA. anyone else know him?

  3. jaybanthony says:

    30 min for 2 games?….wtf…..this is brutal to watch.

  4. doody39711 says:

    the most poring brutal video i ever saw
    they should be rulls and time cloock for shoot 30 sac. not all day for 16 games

  5. wlgmail says:

    Cha Yu-Ram is a great player and I enjoy her games a lot. Of course, Allison Fisher is always the best ^_^

  6. dochmbi says:

    Why is pool separated into men and women? Do men have some sort of biological advantage?

  7. syuanrong says:

    My goodness… a brutal match to sit there and watch. They have to think and commit their shots a lot faster. There’s no creativity in their play…

  8. grouchysin says:

    @dochmbi yes, better hand-eye coordination and physical strength. Many shots (aside from the obvious break) require a combination of coordination and power. Also, non-biologically, far more men play cue sports than women so there’s a greater pool (*cringe*) of male players to reach the top level.

  9. TheNecador123 says:

    @dochmbi yuuup.

  10. dochmbi says:

    @grouchysin, Ok I get your point on hand-eye coordination and physical strength, but your second point about there being less women overall so they need a separate group doesn’t make much sense, since by the same token we could separate black men into their own group too.

  11. GetMeThere1 says:

    Allison Fisher at least USED to beat all the girls on a regular basis. She’s living proof that you must prefer eating clams to be a fairly high level pool player….

  12. gochujang888 says:

    One of the main reasons why pool is dying is because of the lack of skill in the commentary. One of the commentators is lacking in knowledge and other loves to cough up his dinner onto the microphone.
    If the pool industry wants the public to take pool more seriously, it starts from the commentary. How is someone who has an interest in pool going to take this sport as a professional one when the industry hires clowns like these.

  13. 2DD1515 says:

    i like Yu Ram Cha!!! SHE’s So pretty! 😀

  14. DooMERful says:

    @gochujang888 too right mate i wish pool can be popular like soccer

  15. schneeaddict says:

    @dochmbi actually there is no biological reason that men are better than women. In fact, professional women are as good as professional men. Even on the break, there is nothing a man have over a women. Good breaks have NOTHING to do with strength, it’s all about the proper hit and the SPEED of the hit. It is correct though that the women are separated because they are outnumbered. There is a movement of tournaments including men and women now. Check out Jasmin Ouschan, she is competitive vs men.

  16. schneeaddict says:

    @doody39711 BCA rules do state that a 30 second shot clock can be put into place, however it is up to the official to determine if a shot clock should be imposed. Usually if shots always take long then a clock will be set up. A fair amount of pro tournaments do already have a shot clock in place as part of the general rules.

  17. dochmbi says:

    @schneeaddict If men don’t have any inherent biological advantage over women, then why are there separate leagues. That’s like saying “Oh, because there are so few black people playing pool they need their own league because otherwise a black man is never going to win a pool tournament and it’s unfair” Or insert any other minority you can think of.

  18. schneeaddict says:

    I would bet the reason is that it doesn’t seem out of place or prejudice for separating men and women, where as separating blacks from the rest would be considered unethical. I’m not saying it’s a good reason, just that it is the reason, and as I said before, there is a move to bring men and women back into the same tournaments. Another point: the women are helping out the sport gain recognition because they are the ones who get air time on ESPN. That is unless it’s trick shots.

  19. zzzthaoster says:

    the quality here if bad…what’s going on,?

  20. zzzthaoster says:


    in this sport women can beat men, it doesn’t take power or strenth only precision.

  21. zzzthaoster says:

    these ladies are so good

  22. zzzthaoster says:


    and it’s a race to 9 too, I thought it’s race to 7

  23. LeonFleisherFan says:

    @dochmbi The argumentation we keep hearing here in Europe is that it’s more attractive for the female players to have their own league(s), and that there would be (yet?) fewer female players if they “had to” participate in the men’s league(s). Of course we’ll never find out this way – the situation being doubly comfortable as it is, since nothing keeps women from playing with the men if they like. If it’s indeed true, then well, I’m always in favour of more players competing – but still…

  24. nmbluegrass says:

    @dochmbi I can’t even think of a minority that doesn’t have members who can’t achieve excellence in pool. If you look at the bank pool Hall of Fame, a few of those guys are black. I can’t think of a Native American professional off the top of my head, though I’ve seen some skilled Natives play at my college. Anyways, I think they should experiment with a guy/girl league. It would be interesting.

  25. dotamaster123 says:

    okay i skim through the video and saw that, the players did a race to 9 and then a race to 7, and it took them 3 hours to finish, regular race to 9 in men tournament ends in around an hour, they took 2 hours to finish a race to 9, this already show that women can’t defeat men in pool consider the pace they play at, overall if you know to play better pool, watching the men’s games are more efficient

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