Yow’s Trickshot Madness – Chop Suey – Mr Massacre

This is the first trickshot movie i have made. I think its a legendary video. Please comment and tell me what you think.

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  1. illyphizzle says:

    this is so fake

  2. connerocks says:

    its not fake you dumbass have you never seen someone do trickshots before??

  3. spacecowboy95 says:

    What an athelete.

  4. cardimale2 says:

    im sure i beat him in pool…….. DAMNNNN YEEA ….:P joke

    nice stuff here

  5. RyanWatchesNaruto says:

    the one with the tire, he didnt hit the ball and it went in the air.. half at least is fake

  6. pash005 says:

    some of it are fake…

  7. ONFender says:

    amazing. compete

  8. Connormic says:

    is he using a snooker cue?

  9. quakers101 says:

    cant stop laughing at the people who say this is fake

  10. iamwhosoever says:

    @RyanWatchesNaruto I dunno. I agree. That second tire trick with tire, his stick never touched that ball

  11. 62623576 says:

    that is UN-NATURAL

  12. thirdheII says:

    lol 1:26 scared me

  13. devillord17 says:

    I just get sick of people that say it is fake these tricks and hard and take alot of practice to master

  14. 3acdc3mtlca says:

    i cant evven make those shots normally. thats sick how he can do it jumping over things and putting spin on it

  15. Yellowness1 says:


  16. Prayingmantis72 says:

    people have to realize that these shots are NOT NOT that difficult they are NOT fake. just talent required.

  17. GyprockMusic says:

    @Yellowness1 I hate jelous peices of shit like you…..scum!

  18. JosiahDaAsian says:

    1:06 misses the last shot GOSH DAMMIT RETAKE BITCHES

  19. MrMassacre01 says:

    @JosiahDaAsian no he doesnt

  20. JosiahDaAsian says:

    @JosiahDaAsian I meant if it happened, hahaha

  21. stefanSRBSp93 says:


  22. chickenyoshipizza says:


  23. benandcris says:

    dude thats awesome

  24. pianoniek96 says:

    how much hours do you do this a day?

  25. Yorkaman says:

    I can stop watching 2:37-2:38. Watch the ball closely when he says “Why” “Have” You”. The bounce right before “right” looks really weird. Each of when these words are spoken, the ball hits a corner, then he makes it. EPIC!

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