World Pool Billiard Masters #7 = Tony “The Tornado” Drago vs. Thomas “The Lean Machine” Engert

Presented by: Please SUBSCRIBE, RATE and COMMENT BilliardClub Network, in association with Matchroom Sport, presents the 2006 World Pool Masters from the Hotel Zuiderduin in Egmond aan Zee on the Nederland’s north sea coast. 16 of the world’s finest 9-Ball Players from nine nations compete for the title of World Pool Master. The game is 9-Ball, with each match a race to 8 racks with alternate breaks. This is the Billiard Club TV Presentation of Match #7 featuring Tony Drago and Thomas Engert, with Ronnie O’Sullivan interview Commentators Jim Wych and Ted Lerner call all the action. Event info @ Please SUBSCRIBE to BCn. Your COMMENTS are encouraged, welcomed and appreciated. Also, please support our sponsors: Thanks for watching BCn! Footage courtesy of Matchroom Sport

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  1. IaninAngeles says:

    Oh I love Tony Drago he was a great snooker player.
    Correct me if I am wrong but hasnt he got the world redcord for the fastest century in a proffessional match.

  2. IaninAngeles says:

    Reading these comments I would completely disagree.
    Parris is famous for cues but deals with CUE TIPS more.
    The best Cues are Rileys cues or BCE.
    I myself use Riley as they coem from the best wood and are the best price I use to own a Peradon snooker the first cue I bought.
    When I changed to Riley I got a 144 on a full size table.
    The cue is very importnat but for me any cue that is good regardless of make is a good cue.
    Parris is just reinventing the riley.

  3. askbob says:

    yup 3 mins or so

  4. tommy9927 says:

    Just wanted to point out that there are huge differences in cues with Parris, Riley or BCE and pool cue makers like Szamboti, Scruggs, Nitti, Southwest or my fellow german cuemakers like Eurowest, Arthur or Vollmer
    Many top players use sponsorship cues available for little money like Lucasi (Hohmann) or Longoni (Feijen), Pagulayan (Schon R12 until it warped) or John Schmidt playing experimental OB Cues

  5. IaninAngeles says:

    Parris is more of a man who fixes cue tips and straitens cues.
    Yes I know he makes cues but Riley are much more Famous and i use one.
    As for cues being different I dont know pool cues like you you seem to be an expert and I dont own a POOL CUE.
    If you are just starting snooker I would not reccomend a Parris cue a Rily or Peradon most stores stock Riley.
    The very first cue I bought was an £7 cue which withinn 2 yrs I got a 87 break with on a full size table.

  6. IaninAngeles says:

    My first cue bought with some knowledge of snooker was a Peradon which was amazing especially for screw shots and shots with the rest.
    Parris cues I would not recomend as Parris is known for repairing Cues.
    The Huge differences in pool cues is RIGHT as the SIZE and tip are bigger also the GRIP is different to a snooker cue.
    and height of cue.
    You know pool cues very well.
    I dont I dont even own a pool cue and am just more interested in playing.
    But some people might be advised to get a new cue

  7. IaninAngeles says:

    as thier game is good but thier cue is letting them Down.
    Sometimes the Cue change can make a world of difference.
    Although I play with my Riley now for 6 yrs and still use my Peradon on times and occassionally will play with a CUE from asnooker CLUB.

  8. pnrshsucks says:

    yes he does……3 minutes and 33 seconds…..

  9. IaninAngeles says:

    I think you should take a CUE REST mate.

  10. shadmonk says:

    why so many top players use parris? o’sullivan, davis, etc etc
    i got a parris cue, amazing quality, only made to order

  11. takehiro0740 says:

    wow tony is awsome…

  12. shadmonk says:

    John Parris cues are some of the best

  13. DaleGribble1000 says:

    well played drago!

  14. lumpyman100 says:

    Piss on all these players if I had the Money I could give them a game..

  15. wilkinson8707 says:

    Ronnie was there he’s out of this world at snooker I don’t know about pool

  16. silenttrigger86 says:

    Yeah they good…but when it comes to 9 ball and pool….nothing beats a Predator cue!

  17. lemonite1 says:

    @silenttrigger86 Predator is o.k, but have you tried Southwest?

  18. dand100 says:

    i’ve you’ve got a good enough game to … “give them a game” … finding the money isn’t hard… walk into any pool hall and start playing… lay a 50 on the table… you DON’T have the game

  19. Larrygallis says:

    i love the fast players like drago, strickland and others

  20. levith1992 says:

    i like drago, i want play so fast as him ^^

  21. devillord18 says:

    mouth watering prospects…. WOW you sound very enthusiastic about this “Mouth Water Prospects” lol

  22. RayHusted says:

    @silenttrigger86 so many things stomp all over a predator cue… they have a good shaft thats about it lol.

  23. St3vegate21 says:

    48 mins video? is that possible? how?

  24. MAStudio64 says:

    @levith1992 practice,practice man!
    I like Tony too,
    I have a pool table at home since an year,
    I watch Tony and other great playesr a lot!(BClub-THE BEST!)
    and I am getting closer and closer!….
    …to brake my cue on my head!
    if it will happen to you too, think like me:
    cues are expensiv! you play fast ,you going to brake more cues!
    ———–wish you less and less missed shots!
    \sorry,my english still developing\

  25. asbani911 says:

    I really dislike Jim wytch commentating, he makes it sound like football 🙁 ! bring back Grady & incardonna pleaaaaaaase!

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