Venom’s pool Trick Shots video 35…

Venom’s pool Trick Shots video 35, my 35 compilation with a lot of new shots, like the other times a lot of masse shots…enjoy and comment!!

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  1. stanenmenno says:

    What is the song name?

  2. scottjen26 says:

    Great, great trickshots, watched a few of your vids now. I’ve seen them all, you have some very difficult and very inventive shots. Even if it took you 100 tries on some of these they are still awesome, great job! Nice music too…

  3. poolerbart says:

    yellow card – five becomes four

  4. fatboykill21 says:

    omg 1:16


  5. paulnarc says:

    awesome vid donde es grando

  6. loky6 says:

    im realy crazy about pool i only wish i could figure out the masse shot thats my only problem =( oh by the way love ur vids they rock.

  7. ThePumpkinPimp says:

    Hell no your fucking awesome that trik at 1:57 it was like fuck it without looking how much have u been playing

  8. Manix830 says:

    Youve got a good talent man. if only i too can get sown the masse. how long did it take to get it down

  9. somacruzfirm says:

    The instrumental vs of that track would fit better, the childy voice craps it ):

    Anyway, awesome tricks

  10. vpweber says:


  11. gofer123guy says:

    i would absoulutely love to know ur practice methods to use for myself

  12. Tizzacious says:

    You know everytime I watch these I still can’t believe how amazingly talented you are? Please tell me, when did you first start playing or realized what a great gift you have. I’d appreceiate it if you’d respond I’d love to be able to talk to you through this

    Keep up the great work and good luck with the rest of your career

  13. tmobile142 says:

    4:10 my effin jaw dropped

  14. drummbummhazze says:

    holy shit. i mean how the hell arent you on tv? i hope a tv person approaches you and gives you an oppurtunity to show the world what you got. this shit is amazing.

  15. williamho6189 says:

    i like the song by yellowcard…
    song’s name: five becomes four

  16. gorganblade433 says:

    oh my god i have never seen shots like that ever in my life i have watched all your videos u have posted i am working on playing myself but i just cant believe that someone can be so creative in what u can do it was amazing to watch and any tips u could give would be great

  17. GTGKEVINGTG says:

    u are my role model dude….i jus love ur shots…although i would kill for a stick like what u have…i wanted to know if u could buy one for me…i would really love that

  18. AlluBoy says:

    what stick do you have ?

  19. kcross64 says:

    all i gotta say is wow! you are one badass mofo! keep the vids comin man, you are a legend!!!!!!!!

  20. Coenair says:

    nice video!!!!! like all of your video’s

    wat is the name of this song

  21. pkgrip says:

    Venom are you human? I consider myself a decent trick shot artist and I have a few videos but every trick shot I’ve done you add an improvement to every single one and make it ten times better. I love pool and I think they need to make some better pool movies out there and you should be in one. Pool Hall Junkies is my favorite and it’s not even that good. They should do one with some crazy trick shots like you to make the sport more popular and make people enjoy watching pool. YOU ARE AWESOME!!

  22. sdraver92 says:

    another great video. how many times did it take to get 4:13 right? that is just crazy

  23. jamesJulian1 says:

    almost inspired me to play pool…till i remembered i sucked… haha good video!

  24. punkrutherford says:

    ok, i think florian is the best trick shot artis i have ever seen…

  25. MrPat198 says:

    he must have alot of time on his hands…but he is good

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