Venom’s Pool Trick Shots #53

So, here is my 53rd video!! As usual a lot of jump, masse’ and some of the most creative stuff you’ll ever see on a pool table!! Nothing is fake, speed shots or curve shot are real, be sure of that! If you want to watch my high quality DVD, just look to the trailer, or order it now at: or I sincerely hope you’ll enjoy this video, Florian “Venom” Kohler

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  1. ARTO1550 says:

    so very nice trickshots , you could use chalkoff ! 🙂

  2. kamilczak020 says:

    How can I make a follow more powerful using a normal cue? Cuz how hard I try, i can’t make any follow tricks..

  3. MrDOPESTER says:

    fake magnet man

  4. MRCALIfornyay says:

    the felt looks terrible but it does hav alot of friction kudos

  5. MRCALIfornyay says:

    2:57 red ball:race u!!! 3:01 Red:i win!!…white: *punches red into hole* now its time to fight the blacks…….. and thats wat the whites whites did to the natives THE END

  6. oObeastykukuOo says:


  7. ChristinosRules says:

    man i also started doing some shots and i made a vid. 🙂 can u tell me pls how to do the curve shots cause watever i do i cant get it right. i only did it afu times by mistake.haha. so pls can u help me out with that shot?

  8. lenschild says:

    so much talent!

    what music did you use for the vid?

  9. proudalgerian16 says:

    you re a genius bro , a MASTER …

  10. thewopstop says:

    fantastic stuff.

  11. kitetsu77 says:

    No comment

  12. pierced21 says:

    nice way to end the clip… a very unique way of putting the sport into a higher level…

  13. pierced21 says:

    nice way to end the clip… a very unique way of putting the sport into a higher level…

  14. ed501mel says:

    u uploded in my dog’s birthday

  15. GameOverT5 says:

    are youb using masse cues…?>

  16. MichaelBR4Life says:

    that was sikkkkk loved it

  17. againstallpractices says:

    i like…cant even comprehend what just happened haha

  18. MANuntdSKINS says:

    seriously i dont even think playing pool with this guy could be any fun

  19. pigdisposal says:

    @tim68260 ive been a tournament player for years and im not easily impressed but holy fuck, som of this is unthinkable!!

  20. WhiteBoyAsian says:

    How did you get those white lines on the table?

    I’ve been thinking of doing something similar so I can play snooker or carom on my regular table.

  21. shamsolah says:

    anybody knows the name of the music?

  22. TheKaaaaaaaaS says:

    Ohaaa !

  23. jopssports says:

    0 people doesnt like this !!!!

  24. pawnpusher22 says:

    The timing of 2:55 proves that you are not human, but instead some type of demigod in charge of timing and parabolic movement of objects!

  25. Amour10000 says:

    Parfait !

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