Venom’s Pool Trick Shots 52!!

I’m back on youtube and with my brand new 9 foot table!!So here is my 52nd video. As usual a lot of jump, masse and some of the most creative stuff you’ll ever see on a pool table!! If you want to watch my high quality DVD, just look to the trailer, or order it now at: or I sincerely hope you’ll enjoy this video, Florian “Venom” Kohler

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  1. ed501mel says:

    in 1:05 how did u broke that pool table

  2. Billardplayer1 says:

    niceeee 🙂 Watch my trick shots

  3. pwnmasteh says:

    Some of those masse shots where you hit the cue ball while its moving were insane.

  4. ed501mel says:

    in 1:04 how did u make the billiard taking off the corner pockets

  5. DanLeniwiec says:


  6. sarmaat1 says:

    your the sickest guy i,ve seen. seriously. i dont get it how your videos get so little viewers. i looked at your first videos. you rocked even back then. how long have you been playng pool?

  7. venomtrickshots says:

    @sarmaat1 since the first video lol 3.5 years now I think 🙂

  8. alonc00 says:

    he is wayy better than ppooler

  9. akiatan2008 says:

    likoy ang billairan!!!

  10. JollYxPERD says:

    How do you get so many black ball?

  11. AsPuNkYmOnKeY says:

    Ahh! so this is what it must be like in heaven!

  12. bassam1413 says:

    omg o_O how did u do that !!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. GetMeThere1 says:


  14. ProductionSurvival says:

    poor table 😉
    Awesome tricks !

  15. cradoXcss says:

    @JollYxPERD buy?

  16. CherylHandarou says:

    dude i tryed one of these shots in a rl pool match and it actually helped my game out alot thanks

  17. venomtrickshots says:

    @CherylHandarou haha amazing, which one it was?

  18. venomtrickshots says:

    @JollYxPERD scratchball(dot) com

  19. CherylHandarou says:

    the ones that go around the other balls and hit the target dead on

  20. depelated says:

    I know the music is not from a Nolan movie…but if Nolan could make a summer blockbuster about pool players…it would star you.

  21. owencolinadams says:

    pool porn

  22. matt03560 says:

    @CherylHandarou would be so awesome to end a game by popping the 8-ball off the rail, catching it, and slamming it in the side pocket with your hand.

  23. MrAaronLB says:

    you know how sometimes you feel like you should just give up because your life will never compare to someone’s this is one of those times. My jaw dropped. you are amazing at what you do and kudos for that.

  24. jakgmc says:

    your sick at what you do keep it up

  25. rohitdewani says:

    Very nice effort ..but the black ball catching trick looks fake…balls dont go so slow in the air… 3:25…only trained video editors will be able to see the manupilation..anyways you are real doog at what u r doing…u r really talented

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