Venom’s pool Trick Shots 51

After a short beak I’m finally back on youtube!!So here is my 51st video. As usual a lot of jump, masse and some of the most creative stuff you’ll ever see on a pool table!! If you want to watch my high quality DVD, just look to the trailer, or order it now at: or I sincerely hope you’ll enjoy this video, Florian “Venom” Kohler

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  1. ecioman says:

    Your skills and your creativity are limitless! I really enjoy this video, my favourite shots are 0:49, 1:21, 2:56, 3:00 and 4:14.
    5/5 of course.

  2. jmasemax says:

    vraiment cool.. enfin y’a pas mal de coups stylés j’ai vu mon rec-t masse à la 2.58 ! good

  3. pooljunkiejeff says:

    Video evidence that ALIENS do live amongst us!!!!!
    Absolute f***ing legend. You rock man!!!

  4. stevenlee9108 says:

    nice one venom. i was thinking when you were gna post a new video. finally you did. awesome work 😉 cheers

  5. mattym27 says:

    once again great work venom, you never disappoint 5/5

  6. kizheciozhec says:

    Nice !great video my friend!I loooove that!!!

  7. zitigho says:

    omg good

  8. ppooler says:

    wonderfull your jumps and masses are just insane,, but what about set-up shots, like titanic or just the ones when at least 9 balls go in ?

  9. nathanrh says:

    That’s just one of the reasons why Venom is so exciting. He doesn’t bore us to tears with setup shots. We’ve been seeing that stuff for the past 20 years, and we’re all sick of it.

  10. ppooler says:

    what ? you apparantly do not underastand that stuff at all, setup shots are equaly diffulct like the other ones, maybe even more… ask Tombuzz for example, your opinion has no value…sorry bro 🙁

  11. nathanrh says:

    I never said they are not difficult. I simply said that most viewers are no longer interested in seeing them anymore. They’re old news.

    And yes, my opinion does hold value.

  12. jasonrobichaud9 says:

    hahah… maybe you should check to see who are are arguing with…hahaha. No value, funny stuff.

  13. t0mbuzz says:

    @nathanrh why not? setupshots remain to be the coolest effect on a pool table. nothing lets your jaw drop more than 15+ balls going in with one shot! that’s the whole idea of trickshots. massé shots and other extreme spin in pool are much cooler in my opinion to show off in a video. but these shots don’t work on 1st try most of the time. set up shots, when mastered, can be made 100% on 1st try EVERY time if you justset it up right. therefor people think it’s much easier, but trust me. it isn’t.

  14. t0mbuzz says:

    @nathanrh as for your comment on how they’re old news, i kind of agree, most setup shots are already known to anyone who loves the game. but try inventing a new setupshot equally impressive to the basic butterfly. its much harder than to think of a new massé shot. keep that in mind 😉

    by the way: great work Florian, seems you finally pulled off what pp and I couldn’t do! nice work

  15. nathanrh says:

    Tom, once again, I never said that setup shots were easier. The level of difficulty is completely irrelevant. I’m addressing purely the issue of what people *want* to see, and setup shots are not on that list anymore.

    You and Pavel may disagree, but the hundreds of emails, comments, and reviews that I’ve received over Florian’s new DVD only helps confirm that my opinion is shared almost anonymously.

  16. nathanrh says:


  17. PriestRSC says:

    easily the best trick shot montage EVER

  18. venomtrickshots says:

    @t0mbuzz Hi Tom!long time not speak to u!Well I also disagree with pavel and you, I’ve recently done an exhibition/competition against Semih and you know what ?I beat him^^ You know Why? Beacause of this kind of jump shots!People just like to see lot of ball moving and the more shot you can do the more impressed people are…Only possible with jumps or masse…

  19. mempamaal says:

    woaw,je viens d’enfiler toutes tes videos et celles de Cyprichien au passage,vous m’avez fait decouvrir une nouvelle passion ,un grand merci a vous!

    plus qu’a trouver une table,de la place et du temps pour pouvoir m’y essayer un de ces quatre.. :))

  20. nugget147 says:


    “Setup” shots are SET UP to go in the hole! This is why you can set them up and hand the cue to anyone with hands and watch the balls drop.

    They’re awful to watch to most people who play pool, and understand that they’re a foregone conclusion once the balls are in place.

  21. butlerdidit75 says:

    Plain and simple buy the video. Florian, keep up the great work.

  22. dougiepoolable says:

    how fukd is tht table cloth jeeez lol
    great vid though

  23. ChristinosRules says:

    how do u put one ball on top of the other?

  24. jaschastas says:

    do you play 3band 2???

  25. yoewdemannen says:

    best video ever placed on youtube!

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