Venom’s Pool Trick Shots 50

You asked for it…so here is it, venom’s video 50. One more time he puts away the established limits of pool and made incredible pool trick shots: masses, jumps, draws, follows, masse jumps, nothing is a problem. It’s no more pool, it’s a pure show; it’s pool like you have never seen before and it’s becoming an extrem sport… Exhibition information:

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  1. JohnPizzaPan says:

    jolie vidéo encore une fois. Juste une question. La table c’est une 8″ ? Elle coûte cher? Je compte investir dans une table bientôt et j’aimerais avoir quelques renseignements.

  2. Drimerz says:

    Lol Oooh shiit man! FUCK YOU ROFL Omg amazing shit 🙂

  3. dougiepoolable says:

    is tht a 7ft table or a 8ft

  4. fasteddie023 says:

    venom, do you play competitively?

  5. iceewolf2 says:

    wtf? man that is so f****** beast mode me and my friend keep trying to do those trick shots but come no where close to the yours come to be ….. hey my friend wants to know what type balls your using (stfu u effen perverts) r they a special trick ball set or what?

  6. TheSaRiG77 says:

    when you masse the ball,should your left hand leaning on the table, or you could do it being on air

  7. LordBillGates says:

    wtf! ur sick

  8. cronaman3196 says:

    omg you r good. can you tell me how tou curve the cue ball. you should make a vidio on how to curve or hit the ball in the air.

  9. andr3n says:

    Your videos are always worth watching. I love your masse shots. Amazing

  10. professorcookie says:

    I just wish I had a pool table.

  11. TheBenjo17 says:

    amazing tricksss

  12. crazyyankyisback says:

    for my next trick i squat over a pocket and the 9 ball falls outta my ass and the hacky sack kick is like getting an extra 50 from the bank.

  13. SriLanka19801 says:

    WOW !!! I”M A FAN OF YOU what are you doing here means thousand hours of practise . you totally impressed me , good job .

  14. gokawi1 says:

    2:32 FTW!

  15. DopeSoundKokane says:

    Absolutely amazing

  16. TheKyleMarvin says:

    pretty good. but if you want to see impossible check my videos out.

  17. TheKyleMarvin says:

    pretty good, but if you want to see professional pool shots, check my videos out!

  18. TheKyleMarvin says:

    pretty good, but if you want to see professional pool shots, check my videos out!

  19. craigob1231 says:

    were did u get the mini pool table

  20. liarobe says:


  21. radesandman85 says:

    Two questions- first- just out of curiosity, how long have you been training these trickshots, and 2nd, how did you placed one ball on top of another? I’m a huge fan of trickshots and pool, i love playing and I’m not bad, bud still an amateur….

  22. 08SCOOTER says:

    @TheKyleMarvin lol dude im around the pool scene a lot and go to many pro and am events. hes classified as one of the best in the world lol

  23. MrDynDyn says:

    Must have a lot of time on his hands to do all these shots. Still fair play to you there awesome.

  24. picachu287 says:

    @venomtrickshots lol cagada means shit

  25. OM3N1R says:

    Just saw you on the trick shot masters on ESPN here in Thailand. U are a monster. Thanks for bringing something new to the table!

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