Venom’s Pool Trick Shots 48,” Massé Attack”…

Probably the most advanced massé video you can see on a pool table on youtube…I used tons of tips, break 2 cues for the video but the result is amazing…You thought you knew the limits of pool? Think again…It’s pool like you have never seen before… Florian “Venom” Kohler

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  1. ivanbyman says:

    Can somebody tell me name of the song???

  2. darkangel1994ify says:

    whats the name of the song ?

  3. XXLILxxJOKERXX says:

    thats crazy how much you’ve study the game! well i say this because i see writings on the table, or did you put those to make the table look cool?

  4. DjLota says:


  5. nathanrh says:

    @burnbabyapril Jealous people are pathetic. Venom has more talent than anyone in the world when it comes to this stuff. He’s accomplished more in the last year than you will in your entire life.

  6. Jonbobjoedon says:

    @burnbabyapril Venom has a great talent and dickheads like you need someone to put down so you can feel better about yourself, so just shut the fuck up 🙂

  7. TheSaRiG77 says:

    when you masse the ball,should your left hand leaning on the table, or you could do it being on air

  8. venomtrickshots says:

    @TheSaRiG77 you could lean your left hand on your knee or on the air, both work

  9. mammon56 says:

    t’es massé sont vraiment impréssionant, quel genre de queue utilise tu pour donner autant d’éffet? si tu peut me repondre sa serai cool merci.

  10. tero12k says:

    good is good

  11. Zamster100 says:

    what type of cue stick do you use for the masse shots?

  12. sadmie says:

    song – Hardstyle Republic – Don’t do drugs

  13. SriLanka19801 says:

    That’s crazy ! GOOD VIDEO and Don’t give up go in competitions in USA

  14. yoewdemannen says:

    1 word: AWESOME!

  15. neilio901 says:

    @burnbabyapril dude your a dick enough said what do you search youtube just to find videos that are clearly amazing and say they suck just so.. you know what your not even worth my time

  16. neilio901 says:

    great vid man. i try so hard on masse shots and every time i do i always feel like im going to break my cue if i follow through to much lol. what type of cue is that and is there any advise you could give me to improve my masse?

  17. madkatt79 says:

    the 3 railer was 4 rails im not saying i could do any of this cause you are the Sugar Honey Iced Tea….

  18. hpracing007 says:

    holy shit

  19. punkrutherford says:

    he’s scary awesome!

  20. goaliestar1010 says:

    You, good sir, are a god.

  21. IKnowTrickShots says:


  22. schneeaddict says:

    I find it funny when people say he isn’t legitimate… Mika Immonen and Tom “Dr. Cue” Rossman have both talked of how talented he is. In case anyone doesn’t know, Mika Immonen is the highest ranked male player in the world right now. As for Tom Rossman, he is regarded as one of the best teachers in the world and a trick shot champion. I can’t imagine either one of them endorsing someone they didn’t truly believe in.

  23. chaos741 says:

    Awesome shots! That STS was absolutely amazing

  24. AlexeyHD90 says:

    Thanx man

  25. bryanzkhi says:

    wow! have you sold your soul to the devil?lol its like a freaking video game!

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