Venom’s Pool Trick Shots 47

My 47th pool trick shots compilation, it’s an amazing compilation with some incredible jumps shots and masses, have a look! Florian “Venom” Kohler

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  1. cugarc03 says:

    brilliant mate

  2. jdin3d says:

    2:58 is just sick…..cant believe its real

  3. h4l0h0l4 says:

    amazing, ha

  4. pathapeng says:

    ich spiel selber pool, aber ich habe noch selten so viele heftige trickshots in einem video gesehen…echt der hammer….

  5. leerhoscht says:

    Ich glaub dass das alles fake ist

  6. Mtl4us2 says:

    This last trick just blew my mind away mate!
    You da man!

  7. laokon says:

    du hast wohl keine ahnung von pool..

    schlag eric yow auf youtube nach, ist einer der höchst anerkannten trickspieler weltweit.

  8. keenster14 says:

    I still find it cool that I was thanked at the end. Btw guys, my account isn’t “mikemadness13” anymore. It’s keenster14. Just thought I should let you know

  9. depelated says:

    You are a God.

  10. marlongrylls8 says:

    u are sick man

  11. stylomat2010 says:

    jupp kenn den typ net mal aber hab frad ein video von dem gesehen hammmma

  12. chrippe24 says:

    why did every1 put a negative on th thumbs? im plusing them up.

  13. KCMOify says:

    Amazing keep doing this!!

  14. KCMOify says:

    whats the name of this song?

  15. freecloud3 says:

    u r the BEST

  16. mKoala73 says:

    tricks shoots de folie!!! Les procédés doivent prendre cher avec toi, sans compter du tapis qui ne doit pas rester vert longtemps :p

  17. bartolini231996 says:

    great vid ur the best

  18. frankoi50 says:

    fucking great man what you fucking can do with this i have to say!!!
    keep on doing it:-))
    mais il est clair que tu dois “bouffer” pas mal de tapis pour corroborer les dires de mKolaka73!!!!

  19. stevenlee9108 says:

    dude if you stop providing us with these great vids i am gna kill ya 🙂

  20. jasonc060606 says:

    i think i just dribbled :O

  21. tuitenlabi says:

    you are the BEST OF THE BESTSSS

  22. PriestRSC says:

    This guy is the most genuine trick shooter out there. Why? He hits the ball when there’s alerady swerve on it, causing it to do unpredictible things, yet he does it in a way that it’s a science.

  23. Darlojam says:

    some people are too talented. or just have far too much time on their hands.

  24. FootieSkill says:

    final trickshoot was incredible…nice video

  25. FootieSkill says:

    final trickshot was incredible…nice video

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