Venom’s Pool Trick Shots 46

My new video is out, a little longer but some shots break the house, so watch it entirely, u’ll be very very surprised to see there is no more limits on a pool table!Enjoy

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  1. venomtrickshots says:

    thanks man!!

  2. ShockHorrorFreeze says:

    Holy Sh*t!! 0:34-0:37 “The sitting moon” thats just insane!! You have got some ridiculous skills 😀

  3. Vladu says:

    buddy…this is the sickest vid with trickshots Ive seen. Just out of curiosity…what cue are u using ?

  4. pwizzle778 says:

    i was gonna write a nice long paragraph over how amazing this is but im at a loss for words

  5. NeilYoung1980 says:

    el segundo 36 INCREIBLE

  6. freecloud3 says:

    U R the BEST

    I have some skill in massè but i never made an half of urs!

    u are GOD!

  7. freecloud3 says:

    U R right!! GOD LOVES VENOM!! :))))

  8. Tizzacious says:

    You get better every video

  9. powerHugo7 says:

    tu resemble a un boutonneux ,celui qui prend des claque avec des lunnettes qui te von pas!!!!!!!!!a je fais des faute le pro !oui mais je v plu haut que toi!elle a bon dos la regle!!!!!!c aps avec tes massé et seleumen t plein face ,que tu nike au 8ball!surtou avec des tunes boutonneux a deux balles

  10. jastjq says:

    u should go for trick shot competition. Just to good. Keep it up!

  11. heroin55 says:

    you look like clay aiken playing pool hahha

  12. Subnager90 says:

    This is insane!!! Never thought possible has been proved possible! =O

  13. Billiards4Ever says:

    as a life long player of pool, and lover of trick shots, WHY IS THIS MAN NOT ON TV?!

  14. mmorpgman101 says:


  15. ebcebcebc123123123 says:


  16. darkexce says:

    Franchement respect, tu es le meilleur joueur que j’ai vu! combien de temps as-tu pratiqué?

  17. gunsbow says:

    how the fuck….?
    THATS AWSOME!!!!!!

  18. remortal says:

    I wonder how many tries u need for the tricks like the sting moon… :S

  19. TheSaRiG77 says:

    when you masse the ball,should your left hand leaning on the table, or you could do it being on air

  20. paketto97 says:

    Congratulation,aa……..I have no words

  21. decentdogx says:

    dude really u hve sme unique skills………(l)

  22. mortensen741 says:

    0:35 WOW! 😀

  23. MuchachoTom says:

    about 21k people forgot to press the “like” button

  24. Fattyzilla says:

    does it seem stupid to have a computer in a room where you do around 9 jump shots a day

  25. zxzxc9 says:

    3:50 what the heck….?

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