Venom’s Pool Trick Shots 45

My 45th pool trick shots compilation, this time i think it’s one of my best, …Maybe one of the craziest trick shots video you can find on internet!!! The pool like you have never seen before! Musique: Franz Ferdinand

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  1. venomtrickshots says:

    ^^No limit, comme au poker^^

  2. venomtrickshots says:

    Ecoute franchement mm moi je sais plus parfois ou je trouve ca…Mais ca ne dvrai aller ke en s’ameliorant au niveau de l’impressionant!!!

  3. venomtrickshots says:

    Idon’t know Tbuzz…It’s just naturally for me, I think too much…^^And I think about competiting, i think!!

  4. khalek00 says:


  5. pooldreamz says:

    great vid

  6. SteveMarks2217 says:

    I think this may be your best video yet. Amazing to watch !!!!! 5 starss

  7. RivalCrown says:

    omg, ya freaking amazing. ya definitely need to be on ESPN and compete with Mike Massey and Steve Palinga.

  8. bjstarz556 says:

    i dunno what to flippin say cuz thats was just AMAZINGGG!!!! NO LIE 1000 STARZZ

  9. SteveMarks2217 says:

    When you tryina compete ?

  10. 09FL0W says:


  11. poons07 says:

    your of your nut teach me

  12. bennreddd says:

    why isn’t this guy competing???

  13. rafalopezperez says:

    I give you 5 stars to all your videos that are impressionant.Please look at “baltor billar” in the youtube.Thanks for all

  14. thesk8isgr8 says:

    t’es en france ?

  15. thesk8isgr8 says:

    t’orai pas un frère pas hazard ?

  16. thesk8isgr8 says:

    ta un frer nn ?

  17. venomtrickshots says:

    nan j’ai pas de frere, mais par contre je suis francais^^

  18. SteveMarks2217 says:

    He has once

  19. tarantino100per100 says:

    wow varamente brevo, sopratutto il prino umero GRANDIOSO 🙂

  20. gofer123guy says:

    dude how do u stay so calm when getting those trick shots planted those r the shots of dreams and u don’t cheer at all how much practice have u fucking done on each of them
    1 millian shots of each

  21. llahta says:

    Who is this guy?

  22. jamesraider says:

    @bennreddd i was asking my self the same question all the time =)

  23. alishaheen says:

    Does he ever leave this room?!

  24. gokawi1 says:

    @2:35 that was the most insane shot i’ve seen! 5 stars!

  25. akocluigi1 says:

    wat the f**** this shots are hot!!than before!

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