Venom’s Pool Trick Shots 43

My 43e pool trick shots compilation, with lot of high levels shots many trumendous masse shots and always soccer stings variations…enjoy!

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  1. fredlethai says:

    yo man ! la musique cest prodigy ? la blanche : 1 , le pied :0 ! tres bonne video .

  2. venomtrickshots says:

    oui, prodigy, vodoo people!, kan a la blanche je dirai mm victoire par KO lol

  3. venomtrickshots says:

    sry, i mean prodigy^^

  4. kevinmegen says:

    Haha no problem man, i’ll find it 🙂

  5. poolplayer123 says:

    5+/5 stars. thanks. wat kinda cue do u use cuz i cant do masses like yours with my cue.

  6. venomtrickshots says:

    i use a cuetec fibershaft, customed and cut, with 14mm tip.also i added some wheight…

  7. LoNgOtHeLeGeNd93 says:


  8. lodskicamski7 says:

    how do u think of all the shots???????

  9. MikeMadness13 says:

    i love this vid cause the masse’s are phenomenal. I love the big masse close to the start. Check out my new best of video?!?!

  10. MikeMadness13 says:

    oh and everybody check out kandjconstructions. he is like really good!!! seriosuly

  11. bjstarz556 says:

    SICKK!!! 5 Starzz and more

  12. venomtrickshots says:

    lol i don’t know, it’s naturally!!i just think of trick when i play pool!
    btw thanks for all your comments!

  13. scowner4 says:

    the one at 3:38 is crazy

  14. daic0r says:

    Hey man, very cool videos, awesome!

    Please check out our videos and let us know what you think 🙂

  15. noneboy17 says:

    xD comen il c eclater le pied !!!!!

  16. TheDizzan42 says:

    Dude if i ever see you at a pool hall…remind me to sit aside and not play you. I can just imagine when you play
    “No way you can make that shot man”
    “Wanna bet?”

  17. krchlo says:

    oh man those tricks are amazing!!! how did you do that? do u have any special cloth or table or balls or cue or what??? 🙂 no seriously, can you tell me? is that table heated??

  18. pepamethodman says:

    8foot table… lame…

  19. freecloud3 says:

    OMG! F***ed things never seen before!!

    And the title of the song??

    Venon u r GOD

  20. Siaulietiz says:

    easy. if there would be nothing on table and will pocket all that speed it will be crazy

  21. sINFLAMEs says:

    Got some sic skillz man. Enjoyed the vid. Favorite and 5 starz.

  22. JoRgEKr3W says:

    how about a trick you could use in a game and not just kicking the ball in the air

  23. TheLogiiebear says:

    i dont know how you make a pool ball curve like that… fake?

  24. punkrutherford says:

    try to spot the ONLY double hit…….. tricky tricky, watch them close 😉

  25. MeckyMeck says:

    Nice tricks!!!
    Funny ending…LoL
    Check out my vid…my drunk ass finally nailed a basic trick shot and went crazy after…lol

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