Venom’s pool trick shots 42

My 42th pool trick shots compilation, this time lot of awesome draws and lot of very hard masse jumps!Enjoy! Music: Muse, The stockholm syndrom

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  1. t0mbuzz says:

    you should definitely promote this video as much as you can! this is probably the best trickshot compilation i’ve ever seen now that I think of it. the DOD of the shots is just insane … you really take it to a whole new level and it’s videos like these that keep me going to perform my very best 😀

  2. billardANG says:

    whats the name of this song please?

  3. SteveMarks2217 says:

    muse-stockholm syndrom

  4. lodskicamski7 says:

    5/5 i think u fast fowarded the machine gun

  5. bayoubullet says:

    Awesome job Venom. You’re creativity is mind blowing. I’ve been wanting to put a video together for sometime now. Hope to do one soon. Good job on the speed shot. Cool story about when I first did the jump speed shot, I was in the practice room in Kentucky at Dr. Cue’s Artistic cup. I did the shot, and Eric Yow came around the corner and said, “Do what you just did….I didn’t see it, but that’s the best sounding shot I’ve ever heard!” So, thats how it got started. Peace. ~~The Bayou Bullet~~

  6. dabestracedriver2k9 says:

    I timed your 3 ball machine gun jump with a stopwatch and it was 0.645 seconds 🙂

  7. venomtrickshots says:

    LOL Better than i thought^^thks for this!

  8. venomtrickshots says:

    Thnaks for this comment!And I really enjoyed the story, he was right…. this song is so excited!!But, I need to congratulate u, this kind of jump shots are amazing, and also amazingly hard^^


  9. CalebChrisMabry says:

    Definately your best!

  10. dabestracedriver2k9 says:

    But on the fast 5 ball jump, didn’t the 1ball fall out the pocket??

  11. CalebChrisMabry says:

    Yeah, it sure did. Good eye!

  12. MikeMadness13 says:

    oh yeah it did. I think he edited it to make the ball falling out of the pocket not so noticeable.

  13. bayoubullet says:

    Nice to meet you Venom! It was an awesome YouTube reunion at the Artistic Cup 2. Awesome videos will be posted soon from the Cup.

  14. cybitz159 says:

    That may be true but remember that everyone will try and cheat the camera at one point or another in whatever they do.

  15. MikeMadness13 says:

    yeah good point

  16. CalebChrisMabry says:

    I don’t… And never will.

  17. cybitz159 says:

    OK then. One exception.

  18. CalebChrisMabry says:

    Doesn’t really matter though…
    Accuracy is declined considerably the faster you go, so in other words, that shot takes a load of skill !

  19. shinyseb says:

    pour tes coup masse utilise tu une baguette a jump ou sinon kelle sorte merci et en passent t malades 😛

  20. venomtrickshots says:

    pour les masse jump, c un mix entre une queue de jump et masse mais c une fleche érable normale

  21. garinandizhesnim says:

    No comments!

  22. freecloud3 says:

    OK!!! Always the Best
    At 1:13 I can do it whit 9 ball!
    I’m waiting to do the others,,,,,

  23. carbone144 says:

    a 1:14 je dis bravo!
    a 1:57 je suis sur le cul
    a 2:31 on dirai que t’as accélérer
    a 3:09 on conclue que c’est pas accelré
    a 4:40 je me demande combien de fois tu te l’est prise dans les couilles

    Toujours aussi bon 🙂 continue.

    Eric Vaillant.

  24. Jonbobjoedon says:

    Must have taken a lot of practice, great videos man.

  25. ItzLilTwin says:

    5 bucks says they were all accidental shots 😉

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