Venom’s Pool Trick Shots 40

My 40 trick shots compil…I made like the other time many masse shots, but also lot of perso creations and some sick shots…U’ll love it!

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  1. juamkarloz89 says:

    in the soccer kick(0:57) which ball u tried to put in the pocket… the white one or the orange one??

  2. chalkmaster8ball says:

    Fantastic video great masse shots

  3. cybitz159 says:

    If you look closely you can see that he has orange balls in a plant position to make the shot easier, in that wherever you hit the far ball the near ball will always drop. The fact that the cueball followed was a complete fluke.

  4. tEnKaIcHi03 says:


  5. Jaquezy123 says:

    great video.. dont know how an earth you do the masse shots..

  6. lollmaorofl900 says:

    Lmfao 1:39-1:55 i get a kick out of because the 2 on the computer don’t even act like he’s doing anything behind them what so ever XD

  7. poolerbart says:


  8. pezwald says:

    2:58 was rather lucky as the blue was ment 2 go in the middle


    dude those were awesome. nice job on the soccer shot. very unique

  10. Polska1419 says:

    Awesome dude. 6. btw. what is song?

  11. e1000mile says:

    loll shitty song !
    dude ur bad ! damn good !

    lolll make me laugh to see ur sist or mom at the computer on one of ur trick haha its an awsome trick and they dont mind looking XD they must be tired to ear you pratice XD ^^

  12. xbox360player15 says:

    Bad Ass

  13. Secundinius says:


    Absolutely amazing.

  14. QuikxSilverx44 says:

    fuckin epic

  15. shitshit75 says:

    1:50 the girls are just chillen like nothing gnarly is going on behind them haha

  16. Breezyanity says:

    Thats wus up

  17. TheFrontierAirliner says:

    This guy has way too much time on his hands.

  18. toymachine2k says:

    wtf how about playing pool rather than this bullshit

  19. daconmiked says:

    absolutely breathtaking . i never thought these shots where possible . i love how the girls just sit at the computer like it’s nothing what he’s doing . He’s got a promising career in trick shots . god bless .

  20. TheSaRiG77 says:

    when you masse the ball,should your left hand leaning on the table, or you could do it being on air?

  21. ImAmazin100 says:

    Omfg that was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Harvey10767 says:

    jesus wtfffff. um venomtrickshots, do you want to learn the secret to dunking? Have a glance at this if you can’t – “50inch vertical (dot) com”
    Venom’s Pool Trick Shots 40 jbtfhv nabmzwysexdi #venomtrickshots

  23. tichris22 says:

    the only thing i can say WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!!!

  24. demonpriest316 says:

    @toymachine2k the video is about trick shots idiot!

  25. THAIIIS3v3r1n says:

    U have my big respect really no limit for you 😀

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