Venom and Scratchball ( Pool Trick Shots )

This video is the result of a new game invented by the Fenske brothers…Only black balls and a red ball, the goal is to scratch the cueball and a coloured ball in order to make points.The player who have more points win the game!For more details, check it out the website: All I can said, is that it’s the better game I know for practicing trick shots and learn the english and the CB curves, so enjoy playing this game! music: Muse, hysteria

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  1. MikeMadness13 says:

    i have another question. what do u do with the cueball once you scratch? do you like put it back on the line or something???

  2. venomtrickshots says:

    you have a reset shot, it mean that u can replace the CB where u want…

  3. chalkmaster8ball says:

    That is just amazing , it really looks good fun , and helps your cue ball control , keep this up !!

  4. cybitz159 says:

    This looks like a great new game. Good job.

    Also this looks better because you now have an even smaller margin error to work with. Nice one.

  5. MikeMadness13 says:

    cool. thanx

  6. jmasemax says:

    jdois dire que je sui encore tombé sur mes fesses la rapidité avec laquelle tu enchaines les billes est époustouflantes ! il faut donc que je my entraine sérieux !!
    le jump de la 2.50 est mortel , bonne idée pour les billes noires !! 5/5

  7. doud37000 says:

    Bravo, comme d’habitude toujours égale à toi même.

  8. TheBadger0289 says:

    Hey man, how many Smirnoff bottles have you broken on your table? cause i imagine the glass wouldn’t be fun to remove.

  9. 1AndAHalfWhiteBoyz says:

    im actually wondering the same thing xD

  10. wwwPro9CoUk says:

    WOW… You said 43 would be awesome… And it is!!! Awesome Machine-Gun drill, awesome football shot – and the out-takes… SUPERB!!!

  11. venomtrickshots says:

    ha, hum only 2 i think!and yes the glass is not easy to remove but better than cola or other drinks lol

  12. dabestracedriver2k9 says:

    What’s the second song?

  13. lodskicamski7 says:

    1:12 is awsome

  14. georgiadrummerboy says:

    1:10 is crazy.. how did you time that.. check out my videos!

  15. internetpoolhall says:

    very extremely cool vid… it looks fun ! and what a great super power stroke you have developed…that is the shit !

  16. stanenmenno says:

    What is the second song name?

  17. venomtrickshots says:

    musen hysteria

  18. k0edu2lumby says:

    At 4:48 That was pro right there, Precise timing. Damn man… you’re good at diz shit! 😉

  19. kimegoraya says:

    What creativity! Amazing!

  20. kimegoraya says:

    This guy is a creative genius. How much time he must spend at this amazing display of wonder and amazement , and ! I wonder too, and would like to ask, just for fun, “Do you shoot regular 8-Ball? Or just shoot regular pool? Any chance I could beat you in a game?

  21. jonnyf147 says:

    man those shots when you kick the ball in the poket are brilliant!!

    have to say they are the most creative trick shots i have ever seen on youtube.

    must have taken a long time to get them perfect!

  22. WalkThePath87 says:

    eh i’d rather get high

  23. BelgradeStylezz says:

    Hehe cool..
    Black snooker bals 🙂
    Awsome trickshots 🙂

  24. qwerty22891 says:

    thast so fake i dont even no were to start

  25. CarpeDiemLosBanos says:

    very very skilled work you got there.
    you have a tonna time on your hands obviously.
    and we all spend it differently.
    i was just gonna give you a buncha shit about it. “ah, you have no life” but positiveness, and understanding is the best way to go about doing things.
    i dont even know why im saying philosophical stuff to a total stranger. but i guess it helps. good ta hear thoughts of anyone. im gonna go now…or well…click post.

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