Trickshot: Artistic Pool Trick Shots Pt 2

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  1. Procify says:

    TEACH me your ways!

  2. JACKUSTOxxMODZ says:

    its fake

    a ball can’t just curve or change diredtion like that

  3. brenrager1 says:

    have you ever heard of rotation? how do you think baseball players through breaking pitches?

  4. 12hummer12 says:


  5. mamadea24 says:

    U put me to shame. I am retiring my balls. By far the best trickshots I have ever seen!

  6. nicolas8561 says:

    there has to be an invisible hand

  7. aneos13 says:

    ο τυπος το’χει ΚΑΨΕΙ το αθλημα!!

  8. JustDrina87 says:

    you know u have no life when u can master that shit… looks sick tho nonetheless

  9. WeempWomp1 says:

    595 lost a bet at pool against him

  10. beat80cj says:

    0:19 was sick and the trick that immediately follows it. That last one with the rack flying in the air was cool too.

  11. beat80cj says:

    @JACKUSTOxxMODZ It’s called putting some english on the ball, I have seen people do this in person. I have seen others who can pull these types of tricks. You got to put an incredible amount of practice time to get this kind of control. Usually people who can do this have their own pool table and practice for hours each day.

  12. BartjeOstend says:

    @JustDrina87 What a pussy comment ..

  13. BartjeOstend says:

    @DanceSMF Funny guy, you wrote this funny comment while he’s playing with your girlfriend ..

  14. JustDrina87 says:

    @BartjeOstend lmao wtf does that even mean??? like i said NO LIFE

  15. DanceSMF says:

    @BartjeOstend I’m pretty sure you should hop off his dick before you start to like it..OH WAIT its a little too late for that isn’t it? oh well I hope you and this guy have a nice wedding and its a plus that he already knows how to handle some balls because i’m sure urs are just itching to be slapping his gooch.

  16. DanceSMF says:

    @JustDrina87 he’s just mad he can’t get any either haha

  17. BartjeOstend says:

    @DanceSMF you’re very funny but I m almost 40, I dont understand this baby humor. I have more girls that you ever will bambino, I have no complexes at all 😉 go masturbate and to your bed, it’s too late for you …

  18. JustDrina87 says:

    @DanceSMF word lol

  19. MrMikeProduction says:

    am i the only motherfucker that even wants to suggest hes using magnent since it would grab only thw white balls cuz its magnetic? huh

  20. bandit123x says:

    1:17 sweeeet!

  21. Bradmaster1000 says:

    @nasri you know you have a really good point if i could make those shots i would be “FUCK YA OH SHIT WOOOOOOOOOOOOAH” but these guys or this guy is like ya i got it cool

  22. silas123781 says:

    tooo much free time.

  23. kzharris336755 says:

    Questions. How do you make the ball bounce in the air after it hits another ball. And how do you make it curve when it lands?

  24. nvarun300 says:

    hattsoff bro…keep it up

  25. YoUrHiGhEr says:

    The art of Golf and Basketball used in Billiard! \m/

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