trick shots(pool) part 2

here it is, Finally. the sequal to the first trick shots i did… enjoy

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  1. hockeyfan081995 says:


  2. sensrock11alfy says:

    sweet jack

  3. BOBBYLAND1 says:

    wow that was AMAZING!!

  4. DaLlAsTeXaN88 says:

    Holy ham on wheat bun that’s awesome

  5. darkandevil6 says:


  6. b3astsk8er says:

    wow that was good

  7. shebledred says:

    nasty, i love this shit

  8. LZRusty says:


  9. DjDeezed says:

    i wish i had a pool tab;le

  10. WhiTeKiddTv says:

    Oh Shyt That Was Hot

  11. kirkrueter7 says:

    sub now

  12. tttradio says:

    So I guess you won, can you sub to me?

  13. coolmandayCMD says:

    man you have harnessed the power of one of the worlds best party tricks. astound your drunken friends! lol great stuff!

  14. rustysready says:

    nice one man, check out mine…
    ps nice and original!

  15. jamato1234 says:

    amazin :D, 0:49 wtf? lol

  16. xcarlyxmariex says:

    0:54 (Y) 😛

    1:46 wtf?!

  17. ISp90os13 says:

    last one…….simply…AMAZING!

  18. SuperVampire345 says:

    heyy its mathesons cousin!!! this is freaking awesome!! how did u do this? anyways…just wow……

    Olivia Matt cousin 😀

  19. SuperVampire345 says:

    @DaLlAsTeXaN88 who the hell r u? and how did u come up with this saying? u made mi sister laugh soo hard!!! hahahaha lol

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