Trick Shot Pool

Here are some masse shots and a few jump shots on random tables. Thanks to Bill Berry for the intro. Please visit him at Music is Bad Boys , a royalty free music song purchased from Music Bakery Publishing.

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  1. jopssports says:


  2. berrysays says:

    Freaking awesome as ALWAYS!!! 🙂

    (You’re right, I was off YouTube for most of the day doing a thing with StirFryTv)

  3. freshtildeathonline says:

    Nice, Who taught you all those tricks?
    And do you ever mess up???

  4. TheKitChannel says:

    Geeze. There’s nothing to say about you except that you’re freaking awesome!

  5. jessejallred says:

    sweet stroke as always!

  6. MultiNaton says:

    Awesome rock on.. x

  7. Blondebaby1988 says:

    incredible shots!

  8. ilovetobiuchiha says:

    not that amazing obviously the tables were tilted…or the ball was weighted (hence the spots on the ball, they tell u were to hit)

  9. TheSuperhugo7 says:

    very nice !big dunk

  10. camaro5229 says:


  11. annspade says:

    Sweet! Very cool! You got a Berry cool intro there! ;D More sweet shots. Always amazing!

  12. YoYoYobros says:

    Holy Shi* How!!!!!!! haha

  13. TheDeejayjp says:

    how do you do that???

  14. micsavage001 says:

    its all in your stick

  15. jopssports says:


  16. 360Warlock says:

    Damn Got Skillz Kid

  17. bamsefarx says:

    @ilovetobiuchiha you must accept this mans awesomeness

  18. chapmanvoris says:


  19. 8CheezyMonkeez says:

    but how!?!?!?

  20. ilovetobiuchiha says:

    @bamsefarx no but i except the theory of physics

  21. 1stKaro365 says:

    He might be using a light weight ball instead of a standard ball I have played with one of the lighter version you can do anything with it!!!

  22. Prayingmantis72 says:

    @1stKaro365 ummm dude… absolutely not.. just a regular standard cueball. Its how you hit the ball, not what kind of cueball. notice how I hit the ball. AND, its a cuestick that is heavier and a harder tip on it than regular cues. thanks for watching. I have never seen a lighter cueball.

  23. 1stKaro365 says:

    @Prayingmantis72 Oh okay well i played with a light version cue ball and you can hit on ball on one side of the table and put enough back spin to hit one on the other side of the table! But apparently you have found a lot of tricks to do with a normal cue ball. oh and BTW could you maybe make a tutorial on how you curve it so much!!

  24. soshi124 says:

    that second shot is gonna break the tip of ur stick

  25. dougiepoolable says:

    @ilovetobiuchiha its a normal cue ball even the pro’s use them.

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