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www.trickshottim.com A sampling of cool artistic pool and billiards trick shots. More on my website, and tutorials if you want to learn how to shoot tricks and look like the best.

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  1. DeuceGenius says:

    damn that was sick bro. good job

  2. albioncapa says:

    yo can u telll me were u got that pool table because i am goin to get one and i want to know were u get one plz e mail me

  3. VeniceZ says:

    u are so good

  4. TRISEDMICE says:


  5. TRISEDMICE says:


  6. blackrider1998 says:

    he is good!!!

  7. 1DOUBLEG says:

    super boring…

  8. ShaneTrevanion says:

    @silent1der and in the movie he uses 1 arm!!!!! And it is very possible, as i am no pro but i can do the shot 1 or 2 out of ten times.

  9. paristamil says:

    teach me bitch! thumbs up

  10. bigdaddies says:


  11. silent1der says:

    @paristamil Check out the tutorials on my website if you want to learn!

  12. SheeeeryThe says:

    if u think this is great then u hav watched nothing…u must watch venom tricks

  13. KennyGhosts1 says:

    @bigdaddies he probably can beat you at pool any day

  14. TrentWhite says:

    the first trick is retarded

  15. TrentWhite says:

    the first trick is retarded the rest is really good

  16. irlittleboii says:


  17. kingbacon08 says:

    it be good in 2:06 he putted all the balls even his own

  18. IKnowTrickShots says:

    Amazing shots man 🙂 nice clip

  19. MafiaZ93 says:

    1:45 best shot ever!

  20. AngusCattapan says:

    appearantly this music is “Queen – Another One Bites The Dust”

  21. billiardsmylife says:

    ok so i gotta admit some of those shots were jus easy set ups to make it im a pool player Jeremy Gibson and i gotta say you have some masive skill with artistic shots thumbs up

  22. silent1der says:

    @billiardsmylife Thanks Jeremy. You going to the Super Billiards Expo again this spring? Come look for me.

  23. billiardsmylife says:

    @silent1der where will you be cuz id love to watch ya nd maybe get a match in im rlly not tht well known around except NY i play many tournaments lol i guess ill watch for you at the expo

  24. silent1der says:

    @billiardsmylife I’ll be in and around the trick shot arena, helping run the tournament. I’m sure there will be time to play a little.

  25. MeckyMeck says:

    Nice tricks!
    I tried one. 🙂 Check it out if you’d like

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