The “Moon” Variations ( Pool Trick Shots )

…I think the video says all!!No decription needed^^ just one thing, thanks to Larry for invented this shot but unfortunatly he isn’t the only to mastered this trick!!^^

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  1. dabestracedriver2k9 says:

    Yeah I might make a video of all the people who made the moon…

  2. chalkmaster8ball says:

    Amazing , just Amazing , it takes alot of skill to do the moon but all of these its impossible for me , the blooper with the light that always happens to me lol 5/5 and favour

  3. cyprichien says:

    je vois que tu est toujours inconscient parce que la tu était a deux doigt d’electrocuté ta boule… et par la meme occasion de cassé une pauvre et innocente lampe sinon 5/5 sur tout 2 moon a la suite sa force le respect..;

  4. wwwPro9CoUk says:

    Excellent… I never knew it was called “The Moon” – I do now!

  5. chipper1050 says:

    ha ha ! amazing !

    All those variation are very nice. And 2 moon shots in a row was very nice !

  6. SteveMarks2217 says:

    So great, easily favored. So funny also

  7. venomtrickshots says:

    thanks! yeah the moon is now a classical shot!

  8. venomtrickshots says:

    lol effectivement ca a été chaud…mais g survécu, la blanche aussi^^

  9. t0mbuzz says:

    lol, awesome video venom 😀 I never made 2 in a row before… and you almost had 3! very impressive. your one-handed sting is just one of the coolest shot i’ve seen of you 🙂 can’t believe it

  10. cybitz159 says:

    I think my favourite is the no looking one because it looks so casual. Love the whole thing.

  11. kevinmegen says:

    Haha very nice video man, never knew there were so many variations. However, I still got 3 in mind, but I’ll make a video about that sooner or later. Thanks for including the Rollin’ Moon, good job! 5/5 + favor

  12. kandjconstructions says:


  13. lodskicamski7 says:

    great vid

  14. venomtrickshots says:

    thks, yeah i was like arghhhhh when the CB fall out after the 3rd attempts!!but its possible i’m sure!!

  15. jmasemax says:

    bravo , super exellente cette vidéo , une panoplie de ^MOON qui déchire a mort , sa cartonne !!!

  16. loopycaleb says:


    When your CDs fell you were like pssshhh… happens all the time..

    But great vid all-in-all! 5 stars as always.

  17. Prayingmantis72 says:

    hey venom this one was great! loved the no look moon!

  18. MikeMadness13 says:

    haha the bloopers are funny!!!

  19. TrickShotJoey says:

    most AMAZING shots i have ever seen in my life, great job.

    5/5 + fav

  20. SteveMarks2217 says:

    Florian I just noticed. Exactly at 2:03. You and I both know your a fan of breaking lights hahahahaha !!!

  21. tmac3323 says:

    i honestly wouldnt be suprised if somebody made you the god of a new religon called like “Poolism” or somethin. i seriously wouldnt be suprised and i would follow it, BECAUSE YOUR WAY TOO GODLY AT THIS!!!! xD

  22. venomtrickshots says:

    yeah breaking lights is my new hobby lol

  23. venomtrickshots says:

    thanks my friend i really appreciate comments like that^^ and u’ve seen nothing YET! lol i’ll prepare some more amazing shots again and again!

  24. kkeetteerrii says:

    wonderful video, love the shots

    you gotta watch out for your tv back there, i mean…i you hit the light…could’ve hit a wierd nick in the edge of your table and fly into your tv, BAD NEWS :O

  25. dconner50 says:

    dude you got to much breakable stuff in that room to be doing trick shots. lol

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