The Fundamentals Of Pool With Greyghost Part 1 of 2

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  1. GetDamage says:

    Thank you.

  2. grubby7911 says:

    I know this wasn’t a subject in the video but would it be more expensive to buy a bad table and fix it or to buy a new one

  3. CueSportTV says:

    @grubby7911 Think it would depend on how bad, in the UK our bar tables are cheaper when buying reconditioned rather than new.

  4. poolplayer2093 says:

    yo man i thought that was you keebe. for those of you that don’t know keebe built that cue himself. we bullshit on az every now and again. pretty cool to actually see him hitting balls.

  5. keebie2 says:

    grubby7911……that all depends on the table….you can find great tables used for a good price…..but it depends on the work….if the slate is good and the rails are ok you should be good to go. everything else doesn’t matter……straight frame/good rails/good slate…..

  6. keebie2 says:

    This is the azforum member GREYGHOST……I wan’t to thank Marcus for setting everything up and taking the time to film and edit the video….hope everyone finds it useful and enjoys the information put forth by myself and Marcus. Look forward to many more videos to come in the future.

  7. Real5am says:

    Very useful instruction. Hope you post Part 2 soon.

  8. MrFoxtrotdz says:

    Very interesting. Looking forward to part 2.

  9. LeonFleisherFan says:

    @keebie2 Sure do, thanks a lot! There are some aspect of explaining to students e.g. finding the right distance to the cue ball (where this happens to be a problem at all) I may borrow from you. Thanked Marcus at some point for his (= implicit) “permission” to steal from him – same here. ;^) So thanks in advance, already looking forward to Part II.

  10. grubby7911 says:

    @CueSportTV thanks

  11. keebie2 says:

    @LeonFleisherFan your very welcome…..they are great fundamentals to adopt to found a solid preshot routine and perfecting our games. Teach it to whomever needs or wants help….but teach them to do it properly or just have them watch the video.

    There is nothing worse than learning a good technique the wrong way….that is why i wen’t into great detail to explain and stand so the viewers could actually see what i was doing and WHY i was doing it.

    best wishes,
    Keebie Fleniken II

  12. forcefollow says:

    @MrFoxtrotdz Part 2 is up now. Check it out.

  13. nimajnebrm says:

    This guy’s good. Just earlier today I was hammering out different aspects of my stroke so it’s good to have some reinforcement and further guidance.

  14. LeonFleisherFan says:

    @keebie2 Thanks! Rest assured I’ll try whatever I see first, and that I do believe in pre-shot routine – albeit also in minimizing it. I personally prefer my students to develop a feel for whether their lower arm is “dangling” (hanging loose from their elbow at 90 degrees to the floor) – but it’s true that in the 20 plus years I’ve been teaching, I’ve met people who find (luckily, for the most part: found) it difficult to develop that feel, and for those, your suggestion makes perfect sense.

  15. pjwoolw says:

    Nice work gentleman!

  16. drsnooker says:

    Hello greyghost! Excellent stuff. It’s good to see forcefollow continuing his youtube pool class room. All modern day snooker players now use the piston stroke/elbow drop.
    Anyway, hope you enjoyed your visit and got to play a little snooker while you were here.

  17. BlackjackDSapolis says:

    Awesome information! I am hoping to see a lot more from you guys! Double thumbs up from West Texas.

  18. bumsand1 says:

    to complicated for me, thats prolly why i suck at pool

  19. johnnycrisp22 says:

    You said “The size of my shaft”… Hehe… Hehehehe….

  20. blueiseverything says:

    excellent teacher

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