The Dunk Pool Trick Shot Play89

Play89 pool trick shot demonstrated by Vincent Facquet

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  1. hasooon666 says:


  2. mapleconvict says:

    dude i this before and i never knew and it was by accident i was like hited the cue ball and the ball on the cornal pocket and it flew and went into the pocket it was funny everybody was like wtf?

  3. tobester009 says:


  4. eknuh says:

    cool guy xD

  5. krayzie769 says:

    i love how he says ill show u how and yet he never does

  6. br0wn0ise says:

    im guna go try right now.

  7. Prayingmantis72 says:

    wow tough.. lmao I only have done this shot more tiimes than people who watched this video. Hope you all watch how its done in my videos!

  8. TasteOfIrony says:

    no wayyyyyy, thats crazy

  9. slipshot42 says:

    Ditto to that

  10. ManlyManMataya says:


  11. slitreyu says:

    does it count if you hit yourself in the face with the ball? hahaha fucking fail on my life

  12. tinguarinho7 says:

    for three!

  13. KevinFusco says:

    that’s pretty incredible

  14. slavishRIPRIP says:

    how do i do it?

  15. 4N0M4L0U55H1N081 says:

    intense. i was expecting a “don’t try this at home” disclaimer for some reason…

  16. Prayingmantis72 says:

    i hope people check out my video on this shot!!

  17. NAMTRIP says:

    Ive done it before,but it was a fluke,its hard to judge the hit,just a little to hard,and it goes on the floor,what I do is stand in the way,and try to make it hit my body,and then drop in the pocket,its still hard.

  18. pistolpeeroy says:

    ha fuck off ya nerd if we want check out ur video we will dickhead, let some else have a few views u cunt

  19. deedexdeedex says:

    ┌∩┐(◕_◕)┌∩┐Change it back youtube!

  20. dannyboy12357 says:

    This is a bad shot to practice because it fucks shit up if you miss

  21. samyboy280 says:

    @NAMTRIP LOL doesn’t it hurt like fuck?

  22. Billardplayer1 says:

    Nicee 🙂 Watch my Trick shots 🙂

  23. TheRubixGuy says:

    @Prayingmantis72 Too bad i won’t

  24. TalGilMzk says:

    I can’t make my balls do that

  25. MattyClemz says:

    shot of the day is the “dank”

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