One hour Collection of the best billiard shots

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  1. zanemanpo says:

    9 minutes of pure shit ill tell ya that

  2. ShamedUser says:

    Woopie! Shit!

  3. darksinthe says:

    not the best run outs ive ever seen. damn good though. i will tell ya that the people who made the video arent good at pool

  4. jklmao23 says:

  5. Gimpy2k7 says:

    Very good, you posted something that happens at every single televised (and plenty of non televised) 9 ball events.

  6. metabolife says:

    umm… this is pool shooting at it’s best… amazing safeties and not just running out… makes the game much more fun

  7. kntautsos says:

    Well, souquet run out is good, notice how he moves the 7 ball to free the 5 and 6 and gets position for the 3 ball… WOW!
    Bustamante’s has some position mistakes.

  8. avenger2me says:

    I wonder why so many ignorant wana-be pool players bother watching this and commenting.

    This is the best players playing some fantastic pool, if you don’t know that go back to your 2×2 bar table and stfu.

  9. prosyc78 says:

    batareyes ftw!@@!1 philippines

  10. dueliux14 says:

    the best profs!

  11. XxMyT999xX says:

    4:26 i wow lucky almost got a scratch

  12. goldblend86 says:

    lol obviously not a spectator sport, does anything exciting ever happen?

  13. aznlilboi1021 says:

    depends if your into billiards or not, i mean its not like basketball or football where its a game of milliseconds. However, to a billiard player, shots like this is amazing, because its incredibly hard and they make it look easy.

    I personally enjoy banana shots or an amazing carom shot.

  14. crazybable9980 says:

    avenger2me u got the 7 any day

  15. donutedvd says:

    I was seeking safety shots and got just that! GREAAT VID!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been playing billiards now for 12 years and I got so much to learn. Time to pratice these safety shots.

  16. LeonFleisherFan says:

    What tournament/match (Earl vs Reyes) is this?

  17. 2darkwings08 says:

    @avenger2me i don’t even like playing pool but i know profession when i see it nice video over to me, and i like your comment cause more people should act mature like i do.. even tho i don’t care much for pool i still like the sport itself(if it is classified as a sport) lol but anyways +1 on your comment man

  18. RCPMB09 says:

    this is wank!

  19. CBOrion21 says:

    My God earl is such a cry baby bitch.

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